Jay Handline (Founder and Co-Owner)

Jay Handline is a highly recognized Dance Fitness instructor & choreographer , who together with his wife Beth, have realized a dream to develop the Internationally acclaimed and successful Dance Trance Fitness network. Jay and Beth bring to the dance fitness industry an exciting, thriving and evolving movement by incorporating the latest elements of jazz and modern dance interpretation with street dance, hip hop, Latin and other highly stylized forms of dance to deliver a class that is unlike any other. Students seek out Jay and Beth’s classes because of their extremes in choreography and style and because Dance Trance is always ahead of the curve. They keep the Dance Trance program challenging and fresh by churning out new choreography at lightening speed. Students are challenged and given so much variety it makes your head spin. Hip hop,  jazz, Latin, African, funk, pop, street dance, ambient, house, trance and even hard rock-n-roll are all a part of the Dance Trance fitness experience.

Many talented performers have heavily influenced Jay and Beth over the past 15 years. Well known artists such as Kevin Maddox, Barry Joyce, Leonard Roberson and Sharon Caplan in Atlanta helped form a Deep South approach. In New York, Patricia Moreno, Calvin Wiley and Monique Dash added a street influence that was hip, edgy and off the curb. The West Coast presented a style incorporated on ESPN’s Fitness Pro’s and Fit TV with performers like Michele LeMay, Pepper Von, Angie Bunch and the entire Culture Shock posse who are there idols for community involvement. Despite their extensive travel and exposure throughout the industry Jay and Beth have been heavily influenced by their peers and always offer “Top Props” to their core group of Dance Fitness choreographers that work with them from around the globe. This is the real body of influence that keeps Dance Trance thriving today.

Jay and Beth continue to open new Dance Trance programs throughout the country.  Together, they have created a program that is unbeatable for merging dance and fitness. They have also been able to package all of this and deliver it on their annual Groove Tour Dance Fitness cruises and tours.

E-mail: Info@DanceTranceFitness.com