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Director:  Kerri Canyas
E-Mail:  Kerri@dancetrancefitness.com

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Dance Trance Avalon Park Class Descriptions

Dance Trance Beginners –
This class is perfect for anyone to start in, and very friendly for people who have never danced or are new to dance fitness. We teach a warm up and 2 routines in this class. We will learn a section of a routine, practice it and then perform it to the music, stop and learn the next section and continue to build through the entire song. The goal of this class is to have fun and start learning the Dance Trance choreography at a slower pace.

Dance Trance Break Down (Intermediate) –
Break Down is our intermediate level class. We focus on 3-4 routines in this class, performing the routine through one time, and then going through each section to learn the counts, steps and combinations, then we’ll perform the dance to the music again so that you learn the routine.  You will work up a sweat in this class, but it is intended to be more instructional. The routines taught in this class are the same routines we do in our regular Dance Trance class.  All new material is presented in DTBD a week before it is introduced in the DT classes.  Pay per class and DTBD monthly packages are available.

Dance Trance (Advanced) –
Dance Trance is a loud, high-energy dance experience that leaves you soaking wet! DT is a fast paced workout without choreography instruction and/or break down. This is your cardio JAM class! All levels are welcome!

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Director: Kerri Canyas


Kerri Canyas is a part time health and wellness coach at Revolution Wellness Club, located in Southeast Orlando in Avalon Park. 

As part of her own health and weight loss journey she wanted to mix up her gym and workout routine, so Kerri took her first dance fitness class in 2010 and was hooked. Knowing that she wanted to bring dance fitness into the club, she discovered Dance Trance and fell in love with the music, routines and with the full body workout she was getting, including muscle toning and building cardio vascular endurance. 

Kerri is very excited to introduce Dance Trance to Avalon Park. Boasting a variety of dance styles, such as Pop, hip-hop, Jazz and Rock and Roll, the routines in class are based on current top- 40 music. The music video style choreography is fresh and its fun to work out like a rock star. Dance Trance keeps things exciting and picking up some cool dance moves along the way totally rocks.

As an enthusiastic and spirited teacher and coach, Kerri enjoys meeting new people and friends. Having faced her own struggles with health, fitness and weight, she understands the importance to people and strives to maintain a judgment free zone full of fun and support.

Anyone can participate in Dance Trance and no formal dance training or experience is needed to have FUN with this workout! All fitness levels are welcome.













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