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License Information

Your students are always looking for something fun. exciting and NEW! Freshen things up with NEW dance routines and a NEW dance fitness program. Individuals, fitness centers or dance studios can license the program for one or multiple facilities.
To become a part of the Dance Trance Nation all you have to do is purchase a license. Our license is not just a certification, its an advanced program system that gives you everything you need to run a multi-layered Dance Trance program. You can use our program manual as your guide and start up right away. We have made it even easier this year by introducing monthly payment plans.
As a Dance Trance Licensee you have access to all the information and choreography you need to run a successful program. You can hire your own instructor crew and get special VIP invites to the Dance Trance instructor workshop and Groove Tour events.  You can hold as many Dance Trance classes as you like at one facility. There are no additional charges except for optional workshop fees.
Our Bi-Annual Workshops are not required but do help you you gain insight for your program. Fees for workshops are $500 per instructor and are held at our home-base in Jacksonville, Florida. We would love to have you join us  for our next workshop session. If you do not have a DT license, just call us for an exception pass. If there is enough room we will let you attend. Click here to visit our workshop site.

What’s In the Program Package?

pink girl As part of the Program package you will receive:

  • Program manual
  • Instructor manual
  • Access to Dance Trance graphics & media
  • Invitation to instructor workshops
  • Restricted protective area to your region so another program cannot open next door to you
  • Webpage on
  • Personal E-mail account
  • Access to our director’s site
  • Affiliate access to health & nutrition program that includes percentage of revenue from enrollment
  • Access to weight loss, smoothie and juicing challenges ran by our health coach
  • Access to brand new instructional videos
  • Quarterly on-line video releases
  • Access to the Dance Trance global director 24/7
  • Access to director’s apparel site
  • Invitation to Groove Tour and other global events

Live Demo

If you would like to set up a live demo or have questions about the license fees, please call us at the number below. We now have monthly payment plans available.

Lindsey Pepper
Dance Trance Director

Purchase Now

As soon as you purchase your license you will receive access to our streaming video site and are able to start working on choreography for your program. Dance Trance program manuals will be sent to your home address. License agreement must be completed and returned to us within 30 days. Purchase is not refundable. Your anniversary date will be the sale date. Start-Up Package is $2500 and includes everything you need for the first year. A current Dance Trance license is required in order to teach Dance Trance classes.


What is Dance Trance (DT)

Dance Trance is a Licensed dance fitness program that has now expanded into a movement that is taking the fitness industry by storm. It is one of the most successful dance fitness programs in the nation and has expanded to include studios throughout North America, Europe and Saudi Arabia.


What is the Dance Trance concept?

Dance Trance was created to give students a hard-core fitness workout while dancing and having a good time. This is dance fitness at it’s best! It is not a traditional dance fitness program and is different in design from dance programs that have previously been introduced. It covers such a large array of music venues, is easily followed by a large group and incorporates a network that members can belong to and associate with as members.The beauty of this program is the concept of learning and working on your routines instead of just walking through very basic combinations. This allows you to offer different levels of class and capitalize on a population of students that are bored with the very basic.

The DT choreography is created in a manner that allows students to pick up combinations as they learn. The musical phrases (verses, chorus, bridge and instrumentals) are all choreographed and these movements repeat within each song. Students can learn routines in our instructional class sessions or pick up on the fly.

Dance Trance routines are originally choreographed combinations to original music by the original recording artist. No more mixed music. You download original music from any music site to use in your class. Our song selection is diverse and covers almost every genre. You never get tired of one type of music, we cover it all!

New students can join your program without knowing a single step. Beginners can start out slow and easy in a class designed specifically for them. Most Dance Trance programs eventually offer 3 levels of classes that are designed to cater to a wide range of clientele. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes invite students to join the program at any level. Dance Trance is about learning and progression. This will keep your students engaged. The workout is there in every level due to the repetition of the combinations.

Another unique aspect of DT is the lack of instructor microphone(s). There are no voice commands. This class is all about the music. Students change with the music or follow hand signals displayed by the instructor. We totally promote setting yourself free to become one with the rhythm and one with the music. DT is never boring and changes on a daily basis to keep interest and a love for great music at it’s peak. You can mix up the routines and add routines of your own as you see fit. This class is so exciting that members have offered to pay just to watch the class at work.

Do I have to have my own facility?

If you purchase a Dance Trance license, it belongs to you.  You can hold the classes any where you like as long as you keep the program in one facility.  We do recommend at least three classes per week to start in order to be a success.

You hire your own instructors and run the classes as you see fit. If you move your location, the license will go with you. You just have to respect the mileage restrictions we have put in place for other licensee members.

Our directors have programs running in:
Dance Studio
Fitness Center

Yoga studio
Dance Fitness Center
Community Center

Their own studio

Why is Dance Trance unique?

The Dance Trance choreography team is made up of a network of enthusiastic choreographers and dancers. We have been working together for over 20 years to bring our students the best in dance fitness choreography. This concept is unique because it allows more than one choreographer to design the program, we take a team approach to choreography. The class does not get “stuck” with just dance style, movement or music. We like to mix it up! Our students have access to the best Jazz, Funk, Latin, Reggae, Street, Hip Hop, House, Pop, & Rock choreography offered today. Our choreographers are located at DT studios all around the country, which allows us to bring creative juices that are involved from many different cities, regions and environments. New choreography is created and available to all of our studios on a quarterly basis and may include selections from any of the musical styles. Because there are of the diverse backgrounds of our choreography team, the movements and style of each song are very different. This creates excitement, versatility and a deep bond with all of our students. Our class never gets old or stale. You have the ability to add new routines weekly, monthly, quarterly or whatever your student population desires.

There is something great to be said about a program that is not choreographed by just one creative soul. The integration of multiple personalities, styles and influences is definable a huge bonus to your dance fitness program. This is what sets Dance Trance apart from the rest. Students keep coming back year after year because class is constantly changing. They get to experience it all.

Dance Trance encourages our instructors to create and explore their own combinations. Dance is a form of self expression, and therefore personal. It is absurd to think that every instructor across the nation would look good and feel good teaching the material exactly as it is demonstrated. Morphing material or developing their own material inside the DT classroom is encouraged and accepted. You can run the program as you see fit. We can help you along the way and offer suggestions as to what has worked for us during our years of experience.

Dance Trance experts are available daily to help your club with program design, scheduling, class design, promotions, studio and sound set-up, and problems solving the regional personality of membership. Dance Trance has been growing for over 20 years. We have opened many Dance Trance studios across the country and we know that each region has a geographic personality. Each studio has it’s own flavor and we can custom design your program to fit your dance fitness program personality. Custom designed programs are available and special rates and resources can be discussed when contacted.

Is Dance Trance a fitness or Dance program?

DT is a fitness program first where we use music video style choreography to help us get to the next level of fitness. We try to interpret what the artist is conveying to us in our choreography. We are pretty radical with our approach. We take dance and turn it upside down – we take aerobics/fitness and turn it upside down, then MASH the two together to give us this very edgy street fitness program. This is a choreographed class that includes dance combinations and cardio moves to get you the most satisfaction possible from an intense workout. You can tone and shape, build your cardiovascular endurance, and loose weight all while picking up “off the chain” dance moves! Students do not need to have a dance background, just determination and commitment to progress in the DT class. DT can consist of one program class or a variety of the programs levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). We will help you select what programs may be beneficial to your facility and geographic population to start out your program.

What is the marketing opportunity for this program?

As DT has gained in popularity, students have begun to search for Dance Trance classes. Take advantage of our great popularity by starting your own licensed program today. Becoming a member of the DT family means that you will have access to our websites and e-mail groups at Both of these sites offer thousands of interested students that are already looking for dance fitness classes. It is a great opportunity to show that you are part of the new fitness movement and are offering a new exciting state-of-the-art program.

Who is your student population?

DT is a class that attracts both men and women of all ages for various reasons. For women, it is a fun and sexy workout that is fresh and loud. It has a different atmosphere from the traditional aerobics and fitness class and will attract a wide variety of members that want to look good and act cool. DT tones and shapes the body, helps members loose weight and develops self confidence. This class has a cult-like following and will set your fitness studio apart from the norm. Men are not the exception in this class and they are drawn to the high cardio intensity of the program. Because DT designs dance choreography in a certain format, everyone has the opportunity to pick up on the moves. Nobody needs previous dance experience to enjoy this class!

Do I have to attend the Instructor Workshop?

Instructor workshops are not required, they are optional. You can start up your program before attending. It is a huge benefit however to attend one of these because of all the additional instruction and choreography you receive. Most licensees require their instructors to attend once a year in order to produce a high quality program. Instructors working under a licensee do receive a certification form for attending.  Rate for the workshop is $500 per person. Workshops are currently offered twice per year. Click Here for workshop information.

Can I do my own choreography?

At Dance Trance we encourage creativity. That means you can do anything you want to enhance your program. If you want to include some of your own choreography locally, we encourage that.

We do have a very specific and balanced standard of quality that our choreography team follows. We know our creation method is successful and appeals to the masses. Deviation from this method and make your program less successful, therefore use caution when creating your own routines.

Routines done locally by licensees are not included in the Dance Trance library for national release. The Dance Trance choreography team is responsible for choreography released for distribution.

How do I find a location for my program?
Do I want to start out in a gym, dance studio or my own place?
You must own a Dance Trance license to hold Dance Trance classes at any location. Our license package allows you one location and up to 10 instructors in that same location. Our choreography is Dance Trance copyright and cannot be used without our permission.

Gyms or Fitness Centers
We always recommend starting out in a gym, dance studio or fitness facility unless you have money to invest in your own start-up business. There are pros and cons to each option, but teaching Dance Trance in a facility that has a large base is priceless. It allows you no or low overhead and less stress on trying to make it on your own.

For success starting up inside a gym, look for the hottest, most popular spot in your area. This is the place that will have the most members and will offer you the largest base of students to draw from for your new program.

Gyms generally have thousands of members, so all you’ll need to do is promote to them and the general public in order to have a booming class. We want to stress that the gym will not advertise for you, you should treat this set up just as you would your own location and promote continually throughout the community. Internal and external promotions will only be as successful as the amount of dedication you put into your promotion. Grass roots campaigns bring in the highest percentage of responses (see licensee program manual).

Huge base of students that will want to try your class
Staff at gym helps with sign in and accounting
Staff promotes your class even when you aren’t there
Just promoting inside the gym can fill up your class
A lot of people get to try out Dance Trance
You don’t have to worry about liability (unless they refuse to cover you) or paying your staff
You get paid no matter how many students you have in class (depending on your arrangement)

Audio System
Fitness Directors (LOL)
Restrictions on music language & etc..
Dance Studios
Starting up in a dance studio will be just like owning your own facility. It can be good practice for those that want to learn how to promote and grow on their own, but does not offer a great base of students for start-up. Traditional dance students will not be a majority of your clientele; so do not count on these students to fill up your floor space. This is a good option if you already have a student base but want to try out what it would be like to own your own studio. It will require a lot of promotions and getting the word out about Dance Trance.

You have more control
You can probably bring in your own sound & light systems
You can collect your own money & start accounting
You can promote with outside signage
You can make larger profit margins because you are collecting money for your classes
If you pack out these classes, you’ll get paid for it!!

You may have to share space with other classes
Will have to consider insurance and employees
Not a huge market of members to pull from
Will have to really promote and manage your own program

Your Own Studio

Ahhhhhhh. Owning your own studio can change your life! It’s fabulous and fun but also a whole lotta work. We recommend that you have a huge base of students before moving in to your own location. You will need monies for build out, audio, lighting, flooring and supplies in order to get started. You will also need reserve monies for promotion and marketing. Studio start up can range from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you don’t have the funds for a new business venture, then we suggest looking at splitting profits at a studio or space that is already furnished and has availability for your classes.
Note: There are studios in our program that have started out from scratch at their own location and been very successful. This is definitely an option and we do not want to discourage you from building your dream. We just want you to know that it is not as easy as just opening your doors!!

You can create your own atmosphere
It can be exhilarating and the hottest thing in your region
You can schedule for maximum benefit and income
You don’t have restrictions on time slots
You can make changes to meet your needs and increase income
You can sell retail products and packages you design to increase income
You can do anything you want!!!!!!! It’s your studio!

Higher overhead than another facility
Contract with leasing agent
More management skills required
You have to be a good business owner and know what is working and when to change it at your location
Canceling class is not a option
Promote or die

Note: We run other classes out of our Jax studio and we recommend that you run as many classes as you can to fill up your schedule. You will need an active, edgy studio to make it more attractive than the local gym. We also try not to run regular classes that you would find at the local gym as you cannot compete with the $10/month gym in a box business. Edgy and quality classes that you can’t find anywhere else really work for us!

Can I teach other programs as a Dance Trance Licensee?

You can absolutely teach other programs at your Dance Trance location. We encourage diversity, creativity and all forms of fitness & dance.

Dance Trance has fortitude so we know it is a successful program over a long period of time. We suggest adding in other programs for your clients to enjoy once you have developed a good base for Dance Trance. Other programs will come and go, but Dance Trance is the heart of a great fitness program and will still be going strong after other programs die out.

More Information

For more information on starting up you program, visit our Q&A site at:

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the program, please call Dance Trance Director, Beth Handline at 904-571-7984.

Purchase Your Dance Trance License

CLICK to purchase your Dance Trance License. Please contact us prior to purchase so that we can make sure you don’t interfere with mileage restrictions from our current studios. You’ll receive your start-up packet within 10 business days ($2500).

As a DT Licensee you are also invited to attend our bi-annual instructor workshops to pick up even more instruction and extra choreography. Our next instructor workshop will be April 20-22, 2018. If you do not have a license but would like to attend a workshop to better understand the program, please just contact us. Rate is $500/person for this 3 day event. (does not include travel or other expenses.) Licensees may also elect to purchase the workshop at $500 and receive all video choreography presented without actually attending.

Groove Tour

The Groove Tour is an event that is an opportunity for all students, instructors and directors to get together in an exotic location and experience the culture along with Dance Trance class. This is a great networking event and huge opportunity to socialize with the global crew. For the latest information on the next Groove Tour event, visit the events page on this site.

Purchase Your Dance Trance License

Please contact us prior to purchase so that we can make sure you don’t interfere with mileage restrictions from our current studios. You’ll receive your start-up packet within 10 business days ($2500).

I knew before moving from Jacksonville, Florida (a city with more than one Dance Trance program) to The Panhandle that I wanted to start a Dance Trance in Santa Rosa Beach. It was a great way to continue my lifestyle of getting a great mind and body workout and share DT with those I would meet. It’s been so worthwhile seeing people enjoy what I have over the years. DT is not only a fun fitness class but a social lifestyle. It is also sustainable and has been successful for over 20 years. What is better than working out and making lifetime friends?!?

Erin DermondDirector Dance Trance Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
By happenstance, I viewed the Dance Trance program through being provided a website to look at and view a software program that I needed for my new dance studio. After looking at the DT site, I was immediately hooked. I talked with one of the founders, attended the instructor workshop in April and I was in love! I knew adding Dance Trance to the mix of offering traditional dance classes to kids would intrigue our dance parents and the Hampton Roads area who love to get out and have a good time. DT is fun and its dance and fitness! We are so excited to bring this hype and rockin’ dance program to Norfolk.

LaKeisha Jones Director Dance Trance Norfolk, Virgina
There is nothing like DanceTrance. I’ve been working out for 25 years and have done every type of fitness class there is, getting bored with everything after a few months. DT is the only program that never gets boring! I started DT because there is just nothing like it. When I opened DT in my town it was great to see students trying the class and coming back week after week, getting better, more fit and having a blast. One woman came to her first class and said to me afterwards, “I’m just not sure I can do it, it’s like nothing I’ve ever done.” She came back and after a few weeks became the programs biggest cheerleader! DT gives people a sense of accomplishment. It works your body, mind and the music touches your soul.

Regina SullivanDirector Dance Trance Wayne, Pennsylvania
My name is Penny Drouse, Director Dance Trance Virginia Beach and I started my own DT program because I couldn’t find any other fitness program that was as fun and challenging as Dance Trance and knew that if I loved dancing, that there are other women out there that loved it too. It’s been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done. I get a great workout in a fun way with some amazing men and women, students have achieved their weight loss goals and the program has changed their lives. The friendships and the family relationship that you build within the entire Dance Trance Program are priceless and you can’t get all of that out of any other program.

Penny DrouseDirector Dance Trance Virginia Beach, Virginia
I’ve been a DT director since 2001 and in that time I’ve had the pleasure of watching this program grow from a couple of locations to studios all over the country. I’ve met great people and learned some amazing choreography. I’ve never grown tired of this workout and I find it completely gratifying and humbling watching a group of people learn a routine that I taught them and begin to dance it in sync with smiles, passion and unbridled energy and confidence. DT is truly an amazing way to workout and I love being part of this program.”

Sandi CauleyDance Trance Richmond, Virginia Director
Last year when my family decided to move from Maryland to Virginia, one of my first worries about leaving Richmond was where will I do Dance Trance? Over the 3 years I was a Dance Trance member in Richmond I ran out the door to do my dancing and re-worked my schedule to get to DT 101. What would I do without it on a daily basis? It’s so rewarding to have my own location because I get to introduce newbies to a new and exciting workout that I’m supremely passionate about. I also love getting to choose the songs I enjoy while challenging myself to learn the choreography and teach it to others. I’m outside my box but it’s feeling good! I’m thrilled that I started my own program and even happier that I don’t have to dance alone anymore :).

Natalie Ferguson Director Dance Trance Baltimore, Maryland


Lindsey Pepper
Dance Trance Director