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License Information

Your students are always looking for something fun. exciting and NEW! Freshen things up with NEW dance routines and a NEW dance fitness program.  To become a part of the Dance Trance Nation all you have to do is purchase a license.  Individuals, fitness centers or dance studios can license the program for one or multiple facilities.
As a Dance Trance Licensee you have access to all the information and choreography you need to run a successful program. You can hire your own instructor crew and get special VIP invites to the Dance Trance instructor workshop and Groove Tour events.  You can hold as many Dance Trance classes as you like at one facility with up to 10 instructors. There are no additional charges except for optional workshop fees. Our Bi-Annual Workshops are not required but do help you you gain insight for your program. Fees for workshops are $500 per instructor and are held at our home-base in Jacksonville, Florida twice per year. As a DT Licensee you can also require that you instructors attend this workshop to get their certification, but it is not required. Click here to visit our workshop site.

What’s In the Program Package?

pink girl As part of the Program package you will receive:

  • Program manual
  • Instructor manual
  • Access to Dance Trance graphics & media
  • Invitation to instructor workshops
  • Webpage on
  • Personal E-mail account
  • Access to our director’s site
  • Access to 12 on-line instructional videos
  • Quarterly on-line video releases
  • Access to director’s apparel site
  • Invitation to Groove Tour and other global events

License Fee

The entire Dance Trance program start up package is $2500 and includes everything you’ll need for the first year. You will need to renew the license each year before your anniversary date for an $1800 fee. The license is per studio, so you can manage one dance fitness Program at one facility per license with up to 10 instructors. This can be your own studio or another fitness facility. We also include mileage restrictions for your region so that you will not have another studio open next door. Additional charges: There are no additional charges except for workshop fees if you elect to attend. Workshops are a not required but are a great way to maintain and progress your local program. We would also be glad to work with you in our home studio at any time prior to your start up to help you get familiar with Dance Trance.

What is Dance Trance (DT)

Dance Trance is a Licensed dance fitness program that has now expanded into a movement that is taking the fitness industry by storm. It is one of the most successful dance fitness programs in the nation and has expanded to include studios throughout North America, Europe and Saudi Arabia.


What is the Dance Trance concept?

Dance Trance was created to give students a hard-core fitness workout while dancing and having a good time. This is street dance at it’s best! It is not a traditional dance program and is different in design from dance programs that have previously been introduced. It covers such a large array of music venues, is easily followed by a large group and incorporates a network that members can belong to and associate with as members. The DT choreography is created in a manner that allows students to pick up combinations as they learn. The musical phrases (verses, chorus, bridge and instrumentals) are all choreographed so that movements also repeat with the phrases. Although students learn many songs in a class, they are able to pick up on this method of teaching and learn the combinations as they are working out. This is the embodiment of the “DT Routine” – originally choreographed combinations to original music by the original recording artist. Students will get to see and practice the routines in every class. Students can join your program without knowing a single step. Beginners can start out slow and easy in a class designed specifically for them. Most Dance Trance programs eventually offer 3 levels of classes that are designed to cater to a wide range of clientele. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes invite students to join the program at any level. Another unique aspect of DT is the lack of instructor microphone(s). There are no voice commands. This class is all about the music. Student change with the music or follow hand signals displayed by the instructor. We totally promote setting yourself free to become one with the rhythm and one with the music. This class was also designed for the fitness enthusiasts that get bored with their current routine. DT is never boring and changes on a daily basis to keep interest and a love for great music at it’s peak. This class is so exciting that members have offered to pay just to watch the class at work.

Why is Dance Trance Unique?

Dance Trance is made up of an entire network of enthusiastic choreographers and dancers. We have been working together for over 20 years to bring our students the best in music choreography. This concept is unique because it allows more than one choreographer to design the program, we take a team approach to choreography. The class does not get “stuck” with just dance style, movement or music. We like to mix it up! Our students have access to the best Jazz, Funk, Latin, Reggae, Street, Hip Hop, House, Pop, & Rock choreography offered today. Our choreographers are located at DT studios all around the country, which allows us to bring creative juices that are involved from many different cities, regions and environments. New choreography is created and available to all of our studios on a quarterly basis and may include selections from any of the musical styles. Because there are of the diverse backgrounds of our choreography team, the movements and style of each song are very different. This creates excitement, versatility and a deep bond with all of our students. Our class never gets old or stale. You have the ability to add new routines weekly, monthly, quarterly or whatever your student population desires. Unlike other dance fitness programs, DT encourages instructors to create and explore their own combinations. Dance is a form of self expression, and therefore personal. It is absurd to think that every instructor across the nation would look good and feel good teaching the material exactly as it is demonstrated. Morphing material or developing their own material inside the DT classroom is encouraged and accepted. You can run the program as you see fit. We can help you along the way and offer suggestions as to what has worked for us during our years of experience. Dance Trance experts are available daily to help your club with program design, scheduling, class design, promotions, studio and sound set-up, and problems solving the regional personality of membership. Dance Trance has been growing for over 20 years. We have opened many Dance Trance studios across the country and we know that each region has a geographic personality. Each studio has it’s own flavor and we can custom design your program to fit your dance fitness program personality. Custom designed programs are available and special rates and resources can be discussed when contacted.

Is Dance Trance a fitness or dance program?

DT is a fitness program first where we use music video style choreography to help us get to the next level of fitness. We try to interpret what the artist is conveying to us in our choreography. We are pretty radical with our approach. We take dance and turn it upside down – we take aerobics/fitness and turn it upside down, then MASH the two together to give us this very edgy street fitness program. This is a choreographed class that includes dance combinations and cardio moves to get you the most satisfaction possible from an intense workout. You can tone and shape, build your cardiovascular endurance, and loose weight all while picking up “off the chain” dance moves! Students do not need to have a dance background, just determination and commitment to progress in the DT class. DT can consist of one program class or a variety of the programs levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). We will help you select what programs may be beneficial to your facility and geographic population to start out your program.

What is the marketing opportunity for this program?

As DT has gained in popularity, students have begun to search for Dance Trance classes. Take advantage of our great popularity by starting your own licensed program today. Becoming a member of the DT family means that you will have access to our websites and e-mail groups at Both of these sites offer thousands of interested students that are already looking for dance fitness classes. It is a great opportunity to show that you are part of the new fitness movement and are offering a new exciting state-of-the-art program.

Who is your student population?

DT is a class that attracts both men and women of all ages for various reasons. For women, it is a fun and sexy workout that is fresh and loud. It has a different atmosphere from the traditional aerobics and fitness class and will attract a wide variety of members that want to look good and act cool. DT tones and shapes the body, helps members loose weight and develops self confidence. This class has a cult-like following and will set your fitness studio apart from the norm. Men are not the exception in this class and they are drawn to the high cardio intensity of the program. Because DT designs dance choreography in a certain format, everyone has the opportunity to pick up on the moves. Nobody needs previous dance experience to enjoy this class!

Do I have to attend the instructor workshop?

Instructor workshops are not required, they are optional. You can start up your program before attending. It is a huge benefit however to attend one of these because of all the additional instruction and choreography you receive. Most licensees require their instructors to attend once a year in order to produce a high quality program. Instructors working under a licensee do receive a certification form for attending.  Rate for the workshop is $500 per person. Workshops are currently offered twice per year. Click Here for workshop information.

Purchase Your Dance Trance License

CLICK to purchase your Dance Trance License. Please contact us prior to purchase so that we can make sure you don’t interfere with mileage restrictions from our current studios. You’ll receive your start-up packet within 10 business days ($2500).

Instructor Workshops

As a DT Licensee you are also invited to attend our bi-annual instructor workshops to pick up even more instruction and extra choreography. Our next instructor workshop will be Oct 3-5, 2014. If you do not have a license but would like to attend a workshop to better understand the program, please just contact us. Rate is $500/person for this 3 day event. (does not include travel or other expenses.) Licensees may also elect to purchase the workshop at $500 and receive all video choreography presented without actually attending.

Purchase Your Dance Trance License.

Please contact us prior to purchase so that we can make sure you don’t interfere with mileage restrictions from our current studios. You’ll receive your start-up packet within 10 business days ($2500).