Beth Handline (Global Manager and Co-Owner)

Beth has been teaching dance fitness for over fifteen years. She started teaching Jay’s choreography in the early stages of the formation of the Dance Trance (DT) program. In high school, she enjoyed competitive figure skating and cycling but never took traditional dance lessons. She was attracted to dance as a form of fitness after getting bored with the poor music selection and repetitive moves choreographed during aerobic classes. Once she found DT, she traveled with Jay and had the opportunity to dance with many of our idols and icons from studios in LA to New York City.  She married Jay Handline in 1993, and together they created the website and refined the Dance Trance program. Beth graduated from The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) in 1995 and is a Registered Nurse & Biochemistry Major. She worked as an Anesthesia Research Coordinator at UAB and Liver Transplant Coordinator at Mayo Clinic prior to devoting all of her time to Dance Trance.

Together Beth and Jay are responsible for creating a unique studio model for dance fitness at their innovative studio in San Marco. When building the studio, they worked on design and presentation of an atmosphere that would offer students a unique place to come and feel passion about their workout. Sound, lighting and art all come together to create a place where students can come and get an emotional release.  Beth says that building this studio was her dream and she enjoys sharing it with the community to make it a place where you know there’s going to be something spectacular going on!

Currently Beth runs the Global Dance Trance Liscensure program and teaches classes at her two studios located in Jacksonville, Florida (San Marco & Neptune Beach). She not only manages Dance Trance but also has two funky fashion retail stores that carry the latest in active-wear & accessories.  She is also well known for holding spectacular fashion & music events in the community. She has brought fashion, fitness and dance together to create a lifestyle brand that is almost impossible to ignore. It’s about time!

 The Creation of Dance Trance San Marco


Contact Beth Handline:
1515 San Marco Blvd.,
Jacksonville, Fl. 32207
Phone: 904-571-7984


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