Black Eyed Peas Promise Super Bowl Performance ‘Packed With Energy’

The Black Eyed Peas are slated to bring their dance floor-rattling pop to the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday, and while the foursome is being stingy with details, they did promise an upbeat set.

“We’re not allowed to give away the set list, but it will be packed with energy — what the Black Eyed Peas bring,” Fergie said during a news conference on Thursday, according to The Associated Press. While rumors have been swirling that superstars like Usher and Guns ‘N Roses’ Slash may make a surprise appearance during the ‘Peas set, the crew assured fans they can expect a celebratory vibe when the hitmakers take stage during the football face-off.

“We want everybody to have a good time and just dance, party,” producer and lyricist added.

This year the collective is shaking things up on the big stage, but Fergie added that the crew always likes to do it up big on game day, indulging in junk food and being super fans like the rest of the country.

“Sunday football is a serious day in our homes,” she said. “Super Bowl Sunday is the day that I can go all out — cheat — eat the seven-layer dip, all the Italian food and scream at everybody.”

Rocking a massive stage is nothing new for the ‘Peas, and according to will, the group plan to crank out huge arena-filling productions when they head out on their latest trek — which the MC said last year may kick off “after February.”

“South America was a test,” will said in November of a string of ‘Peas shows. “We did all our homework … to try to figure out how we can do stadiums in other countries, in America, in Europe. If Black Eyed Peas can do five O2 arenas, why don’t we just do it in one shot? If we can do three Staples Centers, we should do one Dodgers Stadium. So that’s how we’ll probably tour this time around.”

Whether they’re shutting down stadiums around the globe or working it out in front of millions of Super Bowl viewers, will has hinted at what fans can expect when the platinum-selling megastars hit the stage, and insisted that catching the ‘Peas at a massive venue is the ideal way to experience their live set.

“It’s like you’re there with all your friends. You’re there in front of 50,000 people and they’re there to watch you and your friends,” he said. “Nothing gets any better than that. It’s the best feeling, the best one yet.”