Creating Atmosphere

Set Your Stage

From the moment your students drive up at your studio or gym, you want them to be energized and know they’ve arrived for a unique class. Start here to increase enthusiasm for your class:

Don’t ignore the outside. Pick up garbage and have your space looking spectacular. This also includes landscaping. And yes, this is important even if you are operating through another facility such as a gym. Appearance and atmosphere is important for your business.

Make sure there is signage outside to identify your program. Ask about putting up a banner if you don’t have a permanent sign.

When students hit the door they should know it and feel it! Music should be ON. Desk staff (or greeters) should be right there at the door welcoming all students. If you don’t have control over front entry (gym, dance studio), make sure and try to create an atmosphere inside your dance space to welcome students. Take time out (or appoint students) to talk to persons and INTERACT. Students want to feel like they are part of the group and the DT community. Pay special attention to newbies as they already feel out of place. Make sure you don’t just talk to friends and other instructors in order to make your class a success.

Paint & Decor

You can add punch and personality with color. Bright colors encourage enthusiasm
and energy.  If you can paint your dance space, make it fun and colorful!


Professionalism can also create a desirable atmosphere. Knowing you are attending class at a professional organization makes you feel awesome.  Your students need to know they are part of a global network and a GREAT organization so spread the word!

Take your class seriously and always be in charge . Don’t let students teach or alter class formats. Students will gladly pay for “dance instruction” but not for a social club where inexperienced persons or other students look like they are teaching. Keep the class always professional and tight.  For Directors, this also means making sure instructors know material “spot on” and aren’t teaching in a sloppy format.  Instructors should avoid teaching routines they don’t know, even if they are trying to stay current. A retro class that is clean and energized is better than a new routine class where you can tell the instructor doesn’t know the material.

Dress Code

The number one thing students recognize about our class is the dance attire. You can basically identify a DT Class just because of the dance wear.  In order to develop this type of recognition, you have to promote and represent the Dance Trance apparel. This starts with instructors and trickles down.  Most students will want to wear any outfit instructors show up in, and that’s a great promotional tool. Supporting your own company brand should be first and foremost. You can also make additional profits by purchasing all lines in our DT Shop and you can promote single purchases through our shop online.

It is important for your program to be unique and stand out from the rest. Our lines are not in local stores and are rare finds. This will give you an edge to other fitness classes in the community. (DT Instructors get 20% OFF retail in our shop & online all the time, use code DTINSTR on check or just call us and we can personal shop for you.)