Dance Trance Fitness hits Washington D.C.

Club-like Dance Fitness Experience and Community Events Gives D.C. a New Way to Get Fit

WEBWIRE – Monday, November 26, 2012

Dance Trance Fitness has taken Washington, D.C. by storm since its opening two years ago – captivating over 5,000 young professional men and women with its fun nightclub-like dance moves, community atmosphere and innovative fitness program. Dance Trance is a dance fitness program where members dance choreographed routines to club-like beats. Beginners learn new routines and steps in one of our “Breakdown” classes, and Intermediate to Advanced students sweat it out in our ten “High-Cardio” classes. See below for full schedule.

Dance Trance Fitness, Washington, D.C. (DTDC) is a dance fitness program where members dance choreographed routines to top 40 music.  DTDC was established in D.C. six months ago by Sarah Spear Sands, a former tax attorney and lobbyist on Capitol Hill. Why leave a cushy corporate job to pursue entrepreneurship? “The [Dance Trance] program changed my life nine years ago when I first discovered it in law school; I want to bring that same life-changing experience – a better body, better outlook, clearer mind – to others” says, Sands.

So far, the impact speaks for itself.  DTDC now has over 140 current members and has hosted 10 community events including: a flash-mob on Georgetown University’s campus; leading the warm-up for www.dancetrancefitness.comyoung professional organizations.

Sands attributes the success of the program to its members, “we have been so lucky to have such committed and enthusiastic members…these women and men bring friends to class and happy hours, actively promote us on social media and in the community, and are ready to take the program to the next level in D.C.” (

The “next level” includes increased membership, new locations, more flash mobs, happy hours, Dance Trance classes at clubs, and on party buses.  Specific events include: events with Ladies DC (a fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Foundation), and the Junior Council (a fundraiser for the Childrens National Medical Center).

Needless to say, DTDC has found its niche among those who enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle balanced with an active social life.