Dance Trance Jax Policies

Dance Trance Jacksonville offers various programs and packages. All of our packages are now redeemable at either San Marco or Neptune Beach location. You get access to TWO studios for the price of one! (This doesn’t apply to specialty coupons which are only good for one location and may have shorter expiration dates.)

Packages are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please make purchases accordingly. Expiration dates will not be extended.

All Students should arrive at the studio in time to check in and start their class. Students that arrive late will be permitted to go ahead and take the remainder of the class, but should stretch before joining the class.

Please do not walk through the dance floor in the middle of a routine. Wait to enter or exit the dance floor between songs. This is a safety issue for all students.

Dance Trance requires that all students have on appropriate fitness shoes (Gym Shoes) for safety reasons.

We do not have childcare services.  Children are not allowed in the facility during adult classes for any reason, please no exceptions.

We do not allow food in the studio. Please make sure all water containers have caps.

You must be at least 18 years old to take a fitness class at our studio with the exception of our kids programs.

Our studios are intentionally kept warm to encourage the body to detoxify through perspiration. The added warmth helps muscles to be more elastic and less susceptible to injury for dancing. You can take breaks and go outside if needed.

Please do not stop, stand or rest in class for any reason, the class is moving so move with them. Have fun and dance, there is no reason to freak out! Move in the direction the class is flowing. Eventually you will start to pick up some of the choreography. If you need to stop, tie your shoe or rest, exit the dance floor between routines.

If you are not in great shape, the Dance Trance class will be a lot for you. Take it easy and do not try to keep up with those that have been working on this material for years. The best way to learn is to try and stay on the dance floor.

Please keep all belongings and water in the area provided.  No items are allowed on the dance floor for safety reasons.

DT is not responsible for items left in the changing rooms. Please leave valuables at home.

Please turn all cell phones OFF. Cell phones are not allowed in the dance area. Be considerate.

Music is unedited and uncensored. We play original artist’s recordings and do not alter explicit versions.

The front lines lead the class: If you are a beginner or unfamiliar with a routine, please do not stand on the front lines. These lines are the leaders of the class and are there for you to follow.

Sorry, but by request from our clientele, we do not allow spectators in the classroom.

Please wear other shoes in to the studio and change in to your dance shoes in order to keep our floors smooth & clean. This is especially important during rain. You’ll be glad you did!!

Above All: Have fun and get energized. Let your hair stand on end. Get chill bumps. Tell your friends and spread the hype. DT IS ALL THAT!