Dance Trance Jax Welcomes SYTYCD Dancer

SYTYCD10-BrittanyCarlosJuly 5, 2017

Dance Trance Jacksonville will be hosting a master class by Carlos Garland from Season 10 of ” So You Think You Can Dance.” This class will be for all levels and is dance fitness oriented with enough choreography to be challenging for most dance fitness students.

The Dance Trance Jacksonville studio hosts these events on a regular basis for students from all over the city. “It’s great when people from all studios in the area come together and dance. That is why we are here.” said owner Beth Handline

Carlos Garland appeared to make it into the top 20, along with fellow Contemporary dancers, Hayley Erbert and Malece Miller. The three dancers joined choreographer, Mia Michaels for a Contemporary trio. The judges love the routine and compliment the acting. Later, Carlos joined the top 10 guys for a Contemporary/Animation routine, choreographed by Christopher Scott. Carlos’ last routine was a Jazz Sonya Tayeh group dance, with the top 20 dancers.

Top 20 Perform

This week, Carlos danced a Funk Jazz group dance, choreographed by NappyTabs. Carlos was revealed to be paired with Hip Hopper, Mariah Spears. The two dancers joined Jason Gilkison, for a Jive duet. The judges enjoy the routine and find it entertaining, but find it a bit labored.

Top 20 Perform Again

This week, Carlos performed a whimsical Broadway group dance, choreographed by Tyce Diorio. Carlos appeared to be in the bottom, and had to dance a solo, along with Animator, Jade Zuberi. Jade was saved, making the judges eliminated Carlos. Although he was eliminated, he still had to perform his weekly duet with Mariah. Mariah and Carlos performed an emotional Contemporary number, choreographed by Stacey Tookey. The judges loved the routine and thanked Carlos for supporting Mariah.