Dance Trance Style

Create a unique look with the DT brands

Dance Trance as a program has a specific vibe and style. This style is what has made our brand unique and sought after. You should take steps to make this “look” also happen in your class. It will set you apart from the norm and increase awareness.

The DT Style is also a profitable part of the program. Students seek out our cool dance wear and accessories which are available on-line at Licensed studios may also carry our brands as part of the DT program. We spend many days in various locations looking for dance wear that meets our standards of quality and design. You can be assured if we carry it, that it’s a hot item and has been selected by us over a vast array of products. (See Brand Sheet attached).


Instructors wearing DT gear is almost as important as how you are teaching. Students want to look like their instructors, so make sure you represent in and out of the studio in order to create a style brand for DT in your region.


Desk Staff

We recommend desk staff always wear DT gear when working class. We have specialty desk staff tees so students can easily identify those working at our desk.  DT Staff tees are available to all directors from our wholesale website.