Dance in the Dark History & Video Collection

What is It? Dance in the Dark referred to as DITD is a regular Dance Trance fitness class that is usually offered around Halloween in locations around the nation. The difference is that you dress up in UV reactive wear or costume and you get to experience special performances, and special light effects.This is still a dance fitness class, just with an edge for Halloween. To find our what is going on in your region, visit our locations page and then select the studio you would like to visit.


I’m new to DT, should I come? Nobody should miss this experience, and all students are welcome. It’s always a good time and hey…..It’s in the DARK!!

Dance in the Dark 2015 was made during instructor workshop with instructors from around the globe. Performances by Studio K and Studio 1014 dancers.

DITD is a Halloween specialty class that started over 20 years ago with just glow bands in a dark room. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, so as adults the event gave us a chance to dress up and be something else for just one night. Getting to throw down and dance while in costume creates an exciting atmosphere inside of our usual workout class. Eventually we started to add new music and lighting & decor to create more atmosphere.

In 2001, we finally got a chance to move into our own studio at the beach, this gave us more room to get creative and enjoy bigger props for the event. We created cages for dancers and put them in front of the class. This was a turning point and I still hear people talk about it to this day. The entire community became aware that Dance Trance was doing something unique and exciting. This was NOT your average workout class.

DITD has developed into something today that is totally professional and state-of-the-art with DJs, lighting and sound. This is a class that should not be missed and will be talked about all year long. To get a taste of what to expect, view our videos below. The first DITD in San Marco (DITD 2010) goes through and explains some of the insights on what this class is all about.


Our 2011 event was the most UV reactive. Includes live DJ (DJ HYST) and laser lights plus a performance by Studio 1014’s professional dance troupe.


This year we actually wired lights inside our costumes to get this effect. Although as we continued to work, some of us were subject to electrical shock from the battery operated chest lights. We powered through and still talk about it till this day. It was a GaGa oriented experience. Music was the best ever!


This is absolutely a favorite. We rented out the Ocean Club and took over the entire space. Note the large screens in the back playing Rob Zombie movies. We had fan blown dance pedestals and fabulous lighting. We were missing UV at this party but I think the killer DJ and stage performance made up for it. LIVE WIRE Tattoo spent 3 days painting us to get us ready for the event. Some had to sleep in their body paint and try to re-apply the next morning. A local dentist also bonded our teeth for true fangoria effect.


The very first DITD in San Marco and where we now hold it every year. Jay talks you though the experience and gives you a “behind the scenes” tour.  Students went all out this year with awesome Halloween costumes. Very Wes Craven.