Dance Trance’s Dance in the Dark (DITD) is a Halloween extravaganza that involves the local community. It’s a dance fitness class but more than that. It’s a community project that brings all types of people, performers and musicians together to enjoy a night of dance and fantasy.

DITD started over 20 years ago with just glow bands in a dark room. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, so as adults the event gave us a chance to dress up and be something else for just one night. Getting to throw down and dance while in costume creates an exciting atmosphere inside of our usual workout class. Eventually we started to add new music and lighting & decor to create more atmosphere.

In 2008 our new studio in San Marco gave us more room to get creative and enjoy bigger props for this event. Lighting was professionally installed to create certain affects. We created cages for dancers and put them in front of the class. This was a turning point and I still hear people talk about it to this day. The entire community became aware that Dance Trance was doing something unique and exciting. This was NOT your average workout class.

DITD has developed into something today that is totally professional and state-of-the-art with DJs, performers, props, lighting and sound. This is an event that should not be missed and will be talked about all year long. 

Come see us at Dance Trance, you’ll never do the same old boring workout again!!

Audio Fixx – Lighting and Audio

Studio K – Dance Performance

Missy Cole – Go Pro Choreography
Dance Trance Go Pro – Dance Performance
Renee Korte – Poi Ball routine
Jay Handline – Deadmouse
Ray Martin – Conga Player
Helen Sollee – Go Go dancer
Choreography – Dance Trance Choreography Team
DT Decorating Team – Great decor
Stacy Lupcho – Sales Assistant
Savvy Shots – Photography
Carlos Bouvier – Video Production
Beth Handline – Director