Dance Trance Kids Program Opens in Neptune Beach, Florida

How concerned are you today about the lack of exercise your child is getting daily? More variety of fast food and sedentary play has made it more important than ever to get your child in to a program where they can enjoy exercise. Our kids are turning into couch potatoes! Would you like to see them up and moving around instead of sitting and watching TV or playing video games? A new program called Dance Trance (DT) Kidz just might be your answer!

DT Kidz is not your typical kid’s dance class. There are no rules to learn. It is a fun choreographed class that is broken down so that kids are moving throughout the entire hour. Kids learn simple routines to their favorite songs. DT Kidz is a fun and addictive way to get your child moving without realizing they are even exercising!

Dance experience is not required to attend the DT Kidz classes, because ultimately DT Kidz is a fitness class. But it will teach them coordination, rhythm and how to keep time with the music while moving their feet. They will also learn how to follow directions and it will increase their self-esteem! Dance Trance tips the fitness scales by incorporating current dance moves with aerobic exercise, club style lighting and an unbelievable sound system — creating a class unlike any other! What better way to get your child involved in exercise then by doing something they really love! DT Kids will get their heart pumping and their feet moving. DT Kidz is just a fun place to be!

DT Kidz, Teen and Adult classes are offered at The Dance Trance Studio located in the Cobalt Moon Water Studio in Neptune Beach. DT KIDS is offered every Wednesday at 4:30 PM – 5:15 PM, giving students an opportunity to learn new moves and develop camaraderie with their fellow students. The kids class is open to Kids ages 7 –11 Years old.

The kids program has also teamed up with Kyds Store and Lillies Coffee and is offering 10% off purchases with a receipt from either store. The parents are now calling it “Healthy Happy Hour” because they go enjoy a glass of wine at Lillies while their kids are dancing.

If you are interested that your child gets fit and in shape in a fun way then give the DT Kidz a try! There are no contracts or memberships required to join the DT Kidz class. Your child can try out the program for the first time FREE, and if your child enjoyed it (which I know he/she will) then all you pay is $20/class, $99/6 classes or $150/12 classes. There are no contracts or recitals.

More information on the DT Kidz program in Neptune Beach, Florida is available at