Dance Trance Jax Kids Programs (DT KIDZ)

We will offer two classes per week, a Dance Trance class and Pound Rockout Workout for kids 8 and up.

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Ages 8+
Meets twice each week at Dance Trance San Marco, 1515 San Marco Blvd., Jacksonville, Florida 32207



BUY NOW and save $$$.
Save $50 with 10 class card purchase = $150. Expires in 90 Days.
Purchase one per child.

Phone: 904-571-7984

Schedule: Starts Feb. 2nd!!
Tuesday 4:30 – 5:15 PM Dance Trance Kidz
Thursday 4:30 – 5:15 PM Kids POUND Rockout Workout

Classes are $20 each or you can purchase a 10 class card at a discount.

BUY NOW and save $$$
PRE- SALE: Save $50 with 10 class card purchase = $150
(Expires in 90 days). Good for Tuesday & Thursday classes. Purchase one per child, cannot use for multiple children.

CLICK HERE to purchase. (Please register in your child’s name for them to have access to classes).

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Class Information
DT Kidz is a fun and energetic dance fitness class that will teach your child choreography and confidence. Kids are taught choreography and dance steps to current music in a fun atmosphere. New routines are shown approximately every other week. Both boys and girls ages 8-12 will love this awesome class! Performances are offered on a regular basis throughout our community and are optional. Outfits or tee shirts are usually required to perform with us. We do not hold recitals or have contracts for the DT Kidz program. You may purchase on a class to class basis or purchase discount cards with multiple classes (please check expiration dates). YES! There are boys in this class. The guys love the music and combinations just as much as the girls!

Pound is a full-body drumming workout that uniquely combines cardio, conditioning and strength training with yoga & Pilates-inspired movements using lightly weighted exercise drumsticks. This is a 45 minute class. It is an awesome experience for kids and the only one in Jacksonville. *Parents can join kids for this class.


Joomla-Registration-form-validationParents that would like to fill out registration form and send in with their child,  CLICK HERE. Registration forms are required for each child and must be signed in order to participate. Policies are explained at the bottom of this page. Print out the form and have your child bring with them.

Purchase Classes
Rates for DT Kidz classes are as follows:

Class purchases work for both Tuesday & Thursday kids classes.

Make sure and enter under your child’s name and not parent’s name for access to the class. our kids program is open year round and will not close except for on certain holiday classes.  If you have questions, please call us at 904-571-7984 and we can put it in for you.

No registration fee. No contracts. No recitals.

Current class packages available:

1 Class Pass $20
(good for 30 days)

BUY NOW and save $$$
PRE- SALE: Save $50 with 10 class card purchase = $150
(Expires in 90 days).


Kids Policies
Kids Policies:

Children should arrive at the studio in time to check in and start their class.  Children should arrive dressed and ready to exercise.  Wear comfortable loose clothing.  Please no jewelry. Long hair should be tied back. Dance Trance requires that all children have on appropriate fitness shoes (gym shoes) for safety reasons. Please have your child wear street shoes into the studio and then change into their dance shoes to keep dirt and gravel off the floor. Shoes with rollers on them are not allowed in the studio.

Children are allowed to bring water and towels with them to each class. Water ($2 or $3) is available in the studio. Please make sure your children’s items are labeled clearly with their name to avoid confusion. Food is not allowed in our studio.

Spectators are not allowed during the Dance Trance Kidz class (Tuesday). Please drop off your child and return during the last 10 minutes to review what your child has learned during the class. Parents can participate in the POUND class on Thursday by purchasing a class pass.

Children picked up after 5:15 PM will be charged a late pickup fee of $15 and an additional $10 for every 5 minutes the child remains at the studio. Payment for late fees is required prior to admission to the next class.

If your child wants to bring a friend to class, please make sure their Mom is available to sign a release form or refer them to the link on this site.  Children must have a waiver signed by a parent PRIOR to taking class.

Important information and special performance registration is sent out via E-Mail only. Volunteer performances may required outfit purchases in order to participate. Performances are never “required.” Please make sure and check your email at least weekly to avoid missing important information.

Information regarding who can pick up your child is taken at registration. Only persons on your list may pick up your child. Please go into the studio and pick up your child from inside the studio. Children are not allowed to run outside the door after class for safety reasons.


Kids Pound Rockout – Belinda Ricks
Phone: 1-334-663-0979

BethcirDance Trance Kidz – Beth Handline
Phone: 904-571-7984