Dance Trance Neptune Beach COVID Waiver

Dance Trance Neptune Beach COVID Policies and Procedures

You will get this in your in-box the first time you sign up for an In-Studio class. Please help us keep dancing by following COVID restrictions at the studio. Please do not come to the studio if you have been sick, been around anybody that is sick or do not feel well.


All members of DT Neptune Beach get access to the limited public classes now offered and all virtual classes offered on our band app.

Public classes are very limited due to restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. They are first come first serve right now for members only. We are not selling per class access. Sign up is via the MINDBODYONLINE APP 24 hours prior to class time. It is first come first serve. You will not get in to every class you’d like to take, but you can supplement with virtual classes until COVID restrictions decrease.

Purchase options: The only purchase option at this time is a 30 day package for $99.

Students need to arrive at studio no later than 15 minutes before class time. Please do not be tardy as you may miss class if you don’t arrive on time. The studio door will be locked 15 minutes prior to class time. Please understand and respect that we are abiding by regulatory guidelines that are in place for your safety and the safety of the Instructors. In an effort to meet these guidelines there will be a limited class size. As a result there is limited space available and reserved spaces are required. This is in addition to your package. No-walk-ins are permitted.

Your temperature is taken upon entry. If it does not register as normal you cannot take the class.

You must wear a mask into the studio and at all times except when you are not in your designated dance space. There are no exceptions.

You must practice social distancing of at least 6 feet at ALL TIMES. Be courteous of others.

One water bottle and your keys. Sorry, NO BAGS, TOWELS or other belongings permitted. Store your items close to your dance space against the wall, please do not use shelving. Please do not congregate in any area and observe social distancing at all times.· You cannot change in the studio. Do not bring in change of shoes.· Dance Trance requires that all students have on appropriate fitness shoes (Gym Shoes) for safety reasons· We do not have childcare services. Children not allowed in the facility during adult classes for any reason, please no exceptions· We do not allow food in the studio· You must be at least 18 years old to take a fitness class at our studio· Please do not leave your dance space during class unless absolutely necessary. You MUST wear your mask if you step out of your dance space for any reason· Your water bottle and keys go up against the wall anywhere near your dance space.·

Please leave cell phones in your car

FOR LIVE STREAMING CLASSES:A great way to stay in shape and stay up-to-date with DT material! Virtual classes continue even if we increase group class sessions. There are lots of various class times and we also keep a class up on the feed for you to enjoy at any time. You can opt to only take virtual class that is totally fine with us!!Once you have purchased your package you can register on the band app for access to the streaming class. It’s easy! Just go to All new members have to be approved. Make sure to use your full name when registering so we can look up your account.



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