Fill Up Your Break Down Class

yn-440x267If you are a new studio, or even if you are an existing studio this class should be your most popular. If it isn’t check your format to make sure you are offering it at the most convenient times and that you are only doing new material in your break down class before it goes into rotation in other classes.

Break Down can mean various things for different locations. You may have to start out with a very slow beginner’s type class but it may be called break down. This class is there for students to learn. It is not a your high cardio class, but in studios over a year old you will need to pay attention to the amount of cardio introduced in this class in order for it to be attractive to your advanced student.

Our break down format is to show a routine first on the beat (before discussion), break it down then repeat. Communication in this class is key. The students need to know what to expect. If you just break out into a warm  up song some may be lost and confused. Let them know to hang in there and you will be breaking it down as soon as you are finished. This will be a new class style for them and will take a while for them to get the hang of it. It does make a big difference though to hear the music first. That way they will know what you are talking about when you discuss the moves and the musical changes.

Our faster paced studio usually gets through 4-5 break down routines in one hour. We stay on the exact same songs all week. There are at least two classes offered each week in our prime time class slots. Students that need more instruction are able to attend beginner’s classes at these locations, so it is on schedule as an intermediate class. If you do not have a very slow beginner’s class you should consider going a bit slower (2-3 routines) for persons that will find the pace of 4 routines way to quick.

New material is only introduced first in our Break Down and Beginner’s classes. This idea is brilliant and makes your regular advanced student also want to attend other levels. Do not break your own rules and show new material in your other classes or a review class if you want this to work. New material is introduced first in instructional class and worked on for two weeks before being seen in Dance Trance. You’ll be amazed at all the DT students that will start coming to Break Down and Beginner’s Class when this format is in place.

You probably only have so many classes a week to offer different levels of Dance Trance. It can be tricky to decide which ones you want to add. We suggest all classes in new studios contain break down or are taught like a BD class for at least 6 months. You can eventually add an all out DT Jam if you have the room on the schedule. For new studios Break Down is the key to success and retaining students.

Classes that are “mixed” or “rewind” songs and break them down like a review class are not recommended for studios that are trying to gain revenue. Reviewing all your new material in one class encourages students not to attend your other instructional classes on schedule each week. They will opt for the cheapest and easiest option. If you have a review class or workshop, review older materiel or a theme (for example: Justin Timberlake Workshop). If you are in a gym or facility where you are just getting paid for teaching class, this will not be an issue because you are not collecting revenue and trying to build a successful business model. Gyms may also not give you enough classes to hold all three levels.

Questions? Call Beth Handline at 904-571-7984 and set up a meeting to discuss what is best for your location.