Dance Trance Jax Welcomes Fun Johnson (DT Kids Instructor)

Fun is actually a nickname for Fang Yun.  Since the majority of people have trouble pronouncing “Fang Yun” properly, the Chinese name was shortened to ‘Fun’.  If anything, it’s a lot of fun to be named Fun! 

Fun has been dancing since she was 13.  She was on her middle and high school dance teams, competing in national competitions.  After graduating from high school, she studied dance for 2 semesters at Florida State University.  She also did choreography and taught middle school dance teams over summer vacations.  Upon graduation, she worked as a substitute elementary school teacher before moving to Jacksonville to work as a Production Coordinator for several Travel Channel and PBS series and TV specials.  She now works as a freelance graphic artist and remains a full-time dance enthusiast.

Fun discovered Dance Trance six years ago and has been hooked ever since.  As a mother of two, she is so excited about teaching kids that dancing can be hip, fun, expressive and a great way to get exercise!