Georgia, Valdosta

New Location!

Motion Dance Studios
1500 E Park Avenue
Valdosta, GA.  31602

Off of North Valdosta Road (41 N), go to Park Ave
(Park Ave Methodist Church on corner).   
Stay on Park Avenue until you reach the
last plaza on the left, before Forest Street.






Valdosta Schedule

Day Time Class Type
Tuesday 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. Dance Trance
Thursday 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. Dance Trance



All our classes currently include instruction on how to do routines. If  you’ve never experienced Dance Trance before, come on in and we will show you the moves!!

Single class – $5.00
10 Class Card – $50
*First visit is always FREE!
**If you sign up the first day of your first class, you can sign up for our introductory offer of 5 visits for $20.
New to Dance Trance? The DT choreography is created in a manner that allows students to pick up combinations as they learn.   There are no tricked up combinations that are difficult to follow. No add-on choreography that makes it impossible to learn. You will get to see and practice the routines in every class. You can follow this class without knowing a single step! The key to Dance Trance is repetition, so the more you come in to any class, the better your execution and your workout!
Dance Trance Valdosta is currently teaching:
Dance Trance Break Down (Beg- Inter)
In this class, we do the same routines seen in regular DT, but it is a slower version of it. We will only do 2-4 routines. We’ll do each routine with the music, then we stop & talk about each combination, then we do it with the music again. You will work up a sweat in this class, and it is intended to be more instructional. We encourage new members to try this class!

Contact Gracie Hegener for the latest info at: