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It's exhilarating! I have so much fun; I forget I am working out.
I've attended other group workouts and couldn't wait for the class to end. This is pretty much the only workout where I'm disappointed when the class has to end.

Carrie Marie
Richmond, VA

DT for me started at a low point in my life. After years of graduate school and eating late at night during study sessions, I gained over 100 pounds and now weighed over 300 pounds. During a doctor’s visit, I also discovered my blood pressure and cholesterol level was borderline high. The doctor suggested I be put on medication for the rest of my life. That experience scared me really bad. I asked her for a one-year waiting period. Then I set out to lose weigh and change my eating habits. After years of diet failures, I asked God to send me something he knew I would do and do consistently. I walked into the door of Steel City Gym and my life has not been the same since. My first song was PM dawn’s song “I’d die without you.” God has answered my prayers. And that stared my DT journey. As a result of my consistency and dedication to DT, I have lost 145 pounds. I also have experienced drops in my blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Dance Trance has changed not only my body and my health but also my spirit. Through DT, I have learned how to love harder, longer and more often. I truly couldn't imagine life without DT.

Zenoria Causey
Birmingham, AL
avatarThe number and variety of classes offered gives me flexibility on how many and which classes I can take everyday. Love the instructors and the songs they play. Dance trance rocks on all counts!!!

Rowena Nagles
Dance Trance Neptune Beach