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I needed a better outlet for energy, and a new way to exercise so I didn't get stuck in the same routine. It's fun, high energy, and I am working my whole body

Orlando, FL
avatarLove DT. Nothing is as exciting as Dance Trance. You get lost in the music and feel you can accomplish anything! You're energized and feel alive. When home have attended Sarasota DT for the last 7 years. Right now in Greensboro,NC dancing at the Winston-Salem YMCA b/c job has me traveling to different states.
Love the energy at every DT.

JoAnn Stringfellow
Greensboro, North Carolina
avatarI've been attending Dance Trance Jacksonville for 2 1/2 weeks. I started DT to get in shape and have some fun with friends. It's great, love it!

Today my husband asked if I had on Spanks...I didn't...Thanks Dance Trance!!!

Kim Miller
Jacksonville, Florida