Jay Handline started the Dance Trance (DT) classes 15 years ago when he was tired of working out using the same steps, music & routines. He worked together across the nation with some of the top leaders in the dance fitness industry trying to develop a successful program. His goal with Dance Trance was not to develop just a fitness class, but a movement that would resonate with students for the rest of their lives.

Originally based in Birmingham, Alabama, Jay’s first dance fitness class was a huge success. “The students were ready for new, innovative material that they could “feel” and made them think.” The days of continuous repetition were over. Jay’s choreography to great originally recorded music made his Dance Trance program the most popular class in the state. Eventually there was a team of instructors and choreographers working together to make the class fun and unique. After commuting for several years between cities, Jay and his wife Beth decide to centralize the DT Operation. Jacksonville, Florida is now home base to all of the Dance Trance Studios across the country. Program directors and instructors receive updated quarterly material, and are encouraged to visit the Jacksonville Dance Trance Studio frequently to pick up new routines for their classes.

The DT program is extremely successful because of the large “team” of choreographers from all over the world that contribute their own unique style and flair within mind blowing combinations. This opens a door for a large variety of music and routines that are impossible to obtain with one instructor or just one studio. Dance Trance is the first choreographed dance fitness program to offer new routines every week. All choreographers have their on flavor, so the range of music varies from Rock-N-Roll to Hip Hop, Latin, Jazz and Funk. Not only is the choreography unique, but the program has expanded and now includes famous specialty classes such as Naughty or Nice (Christmas class), The Groove Tour (tours to tropical resorts with famous choreographers), Dance Til You Die (marathon class), Red Hot (Valentines class), DT Xtreme (two hour extravaganza), Dance In the Dark (a Halloween spectacular), the Xmas Bash Party, Fourth of July Blow Out and many other off the hook classes that keep them screaming for more!