Dance Trance Jacksonville Holds Katy Perry Movie Promo Class

Clear LogoUpdate:
The Katy Perry Promotional class held on June 26th at Dance Trance San Marco!  The Jacksonville students went through a downpour (Tropical Storm Debby) in order to film for this class. The street in front of the studio was actually closed for traffic by the end of class.  It was definately a ‘don’t miss’ event!

Video One: Part Of Me:

Video Two: Entire Class Clips:

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Promo Article (before event):

We are very happy to announce that we have been chosen to help promote the new Katy Perry Move “Part of Me.” We will be filming choreography in our Dance Trance class on Tuesday (June 26th) in Class (San Marco 6 PM) and we are asking all our fans to come out and “Be Yourself.” Our video will be sent to producers and they will use it on their sites to promote the movie. Don’t be scared of this experience, this will be just a regular Dance Trance class. Film footage will move around so it’s about your smile and enthusiasm more than anything!

Dress: Katy Perry is crazy fun and loves colors. Mix up your outfit. Really, anything goes!

If Rain: Please wear street shoes into studio and then change into your dance shoes. This will keep the floor dry and dirt free!

Prizes!! We also have some great promo items like super cool Katy Perry Hoodies (6 of them!), Sunglasses and movie tickets (see our facebook site for pics). We will be drawing names from our sign in sheet to win these prizes Tuesday night immediately following class from our sign in sheet, so don’t miss 😉 Free Iphone tattoos are also available and free for everybody, they are on the front desk. 

Guest Admission is $15 if you are not a member of our studio. Regular schedule on Clear LogoTuesday, (there is also a 7 PM Dance Trance class).

FREE CUPCAKES WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR OUR SWEET STUDENTS AT THIS EVENT. Cupcakes created for Katy Perry by Elizabeth Salem of…………..enjoy!

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