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Dance Trance Conway
1611 Oak Street Ste 12

PHONE: 1-501-472-5166
EMAIL US: nicole@dancetrancefitness.com

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First class is ALWAYS FREE!!

Individual class rate: $8.00
Student Individual class rate: $5.00

• 4 DT class pass: $20.00 ($5.00 per class)
Student rate: $15.00 ($3.75 per class)
• 8 DT class pass: $35.00 ($4.37 per class)
Student rate: $25.00 ($ 3.13 per class)
• Unlimited Monthly pass: $45.00 ($3.75 per class)
Student rate: $35.00 ($2.92 per class)

$10 per class or $35 per month

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Dance Trance Conway is a dance fitness program that is coming to Conway!! It is a fun and exciting way to get in a GREAT workout!! We use choreography that is up-to-date and current top 40 hits. You can sing dance and have a good time all while getting in a workout!

The atmosphere is great also! We dim the lights and turn on the flashing club lights!

We have classes for all different speeds of learners. We will have a Break Down class in order to learn the dances at a slower rate and we will also have the more advanced classes, where all you have to do is come dance and have a great time! You don’t need to have dance experience or even be a “good dancer” in order to enjoy this class, just come and give it a try!

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[vc_iconbox icon=”star” iconpos=”left” with_circle=”yes” title=”CLASS DESCRIPTIONS”]Dance Trance Conway offers the following classes:[/vc_iconbox]

Dance Trance is a loud, high-energy dance experience that leaves you soaking wet! DT is a fast paced workout without choreography instruction and/or breakdown of the material. This is your CARDIO-JAM class!!!


An intermediate level class where you get to learn routines, but still get a workout. Beginner’s are welcome and encouraged to try this class. The class format is to go through a routine, break it down, then repeat the routine again.


DT Kids is a Dance Trance (dance fitness) program tailored just for kids, ages 10-15. The music varies from session to session and the kids have so much fun they forget it is exercise. There are no costumes to buy, no big performance to prepare for.
And, best of all, there are no contracts to sign! You just bring your kids, they learn fun dances and have a good time.We dance for fun and fitness at Dance Trance. We will have a 12 week program that starts January 2012!