Oak Tree Country Club
700 Country Club Drive
Edmond, Oklahoma. 73025

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About Us

Are you feeling “stuck” in your current fitness routine … then Dance Trance is for you!!

Dance Trance is not a dance class, but a high-energy fitness class that incorporates choreographed dance movements, along with your favorite songs from the industry’s top artists, to create one of the most exhilarating workouts you’ll ever experience.  You can tone, shape, build cardiovascular endurance, and lose weight all while picking up some of today’s most “off the chain” dance moves! Licensed for over 20 years, Dance Trance continues to dance across our globe into 52 cities nationwide, and recently spreading internationally into Europe and Saudi Arabia.  Dance Trance was developed to get you in shape, stay in shape, and to get the world dancing!!


$   8.00   –  (Per Class)

$  40.00  –  (Monthly Pkg)

$105.00  –  (3-Month Pkg)

Instructor Bio
Carol Mills – Director/Class Instructor

Director Bio:

Dance Trance Oklahoma City dares to step “out of the box” by introducing the most innovative style of dance fitness ever brought to the Heartland State!

Although not professionally trained, Carol’s love for music & dance, coupled with her passion for personal fitness and freedom of expression, quickly inspired her to become part of the Dance Trance family.  “After attending a Work Shop in Jacksonville, Florida, I knew Dance Trance was for me! I love working out now.  I tone, shape, build muscle strength, & increase cardio endurance … all while picking up some really cool dance moves!”

Dance Trance is not a dance class, but a high-energy fitness class that incorporates professionally choreographed dance routines, along with your favorite Top 40 hits, & brings to the table one of the most challenging, high-quality workouts you’ll ever experience! From Hip-Hop to Urban Ballet, you’ll enjoy the feel and flavor of all music genres.  Founded in 1986 by Jay & Beth Handline, these two continue to dance across the globe both nationally & internationally through their Dance Trance License & Certification program.

So come check it out!! Women of all ages, shapes, and sizes are welcome … and absolutely no prior dance experience is necessary.  It’s time to trade those heels in for dance shoes, ladies … and come to know and experience the “dancer” within you!