Dance Trance Neptune Beach

Florida, Jacksonville (Neptune Beach)

Dance Trance Neptune Beach
214 Orange Street, Neptune Beach, Fl 32266

PHONE: 904-246-4600

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DT Kidz
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Parties & Events
  • Beginner’s Class Meets Mon & Wed 5:45 PM. First Beginner’s class is free, any other class requires a $15 drop in rate even if it is your first visit.
  • New class called DT Strength & Stretch is now open every Friday 10:30 – 11:30 AM
  • View Pics from Groove Tour 2014 at
  • Dance in the Dark Halloween class scheduled for Oct. 4th at 8 PM in San Marco
  • Instructor Workshop weekend Oct 3-5, 2014. All classes will be canceled except for workshop classes and Dance in the Dark. Click here to register for classes on our workshop site.
About Us

The Dance Trance Neptune Beach studio was the first stand-alone Dance Trance location, and was established in 2002.

Jacksonville, Florida is the home-base of the Global Dance Trance Program that has grown to over 50 locations in studios and gyms world-wide. The Dance Trance Neptune beach studio is known for exceptional sound quality and fun stage lighting. Only one block form the Atlantic Ocean, it is decorated with raw wood and marble. The atmosphere is chic and sophisticated. Located at the Beaches Town Center, it is a popular and sought out destination. This location also offers a newly renovated satellite Dance Trance Shop that carries the latest dance wear and accessories. The DTNB studio & shop is only open during class hours. The DT Shop carries the latest active-wear and workout clothing including the Dance Trance brand.

Important Info
Please help us with construction problems around both our studios. Wear your street shoes into the studio and then change into your dance shoes. This will help keep dirt and gravel off our studio floor and keep your dance space clean for throwing it down!!

Beginner’s Prep Class which is a review of 1-2 songs meets Mon & Wed 4:30 – 5:15 PM. This is a great place to start and first Beginner’s Class is FREE!!

Note: Our beginner’s program & kids program are the only programs with a free first time visit. Advance, Intermediate and Strength Training classes require drop in rates ($15/class).

Important information for Groupon, Living Social and other coupon holders: We sell these huge discount coupons for first time students and at one location only.  Only students that purchase packages can get access to both our studios for the price of one. If you have a coupon, there is no need to make a reservation, just bring it in with you to your first class and we will get ya started! Students cannot use multiple coupons. All coupon offers are for first time students only.

Please note: We do not allow children in our studio during adult classes. We do not currently have child care services.

Groove Tour 2014: Information about Groove Tour 2014 to NYC is now up at



ON-LINE DISCOUNTS! Order your classes online and get 10% off ANY purchase! Click Here to view rates.

Want to get  free classes? Join our PR committee and get FREE access to Dance Trance! Contact us for more information on how to get started.
DT Kidz
Our DT Kidz street dance class meets twice a week on Mon & Wed 4:30 – 5:15 PM.
Five year olds are now allowed in our Monday classes. Wed classes are six – eleven years old and contains more advanced choreography.

Go to for more info and to sign up for classes!



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Parties & Events
  • Dance in the Dark Halloween class scheduled for Oct. 4th at 8 PM in San Marco
  • Instructor Workshop weekend Oct 3-5, 2014. All classes will be canceled except for workshop classes and Dance in the Dark Hallween class event

Purchase Classes

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Monday9:30 amDance Trance
Monday4:30 pmDT Kidz (5-11)
Monday5:45 pmBeginner’s Prep Class (Beg)
Monday6:45 pmBreak Down (Inter)
Monday7:45 pmDance Trance (Adv)
Wednesday9:30 amDance Trance (Adv)
Wednesday4:30 pmDT Kidz (6-11)
Wednesday5:45 pmBeginner’s Prep Class (Beg)
Wednesday6:45 pmDance Trance (Adv)
Thursday6:45 pmBreak Down (Inter)
Thursday7:45 pmDance Trance (Adv)
Friday9:30 amDance Trance (Adv)
Friday10:30 amDT Strength & Stretch
Saturday10:30 amDance Trance (Adv)
Sunday5:00 pmDance Trance (Adv)


Our new routine is shown every Sunday in Dance Trance class. It is then “broken down” for you in Break Down and Prep Class the following week BEFORE we do it in the Advanced Dance Trance classes.

Prep 101 Beginner’s Class (Beg-Inter)

This is a great place to start if you are nervous about starting a dance fitness program. We break down 1-2 routines for you in Prep each week. You get to repeat combinations and go over the choreography multiple times. Dance basics are also taught (how to turn, etc.). The first beginners class you can take for FREE. All other classes require drop in rates. Meets on Monday and Wed 5:45  – 6:45 PM. If you purchase a Prep package, we also include a Sunday Dance Trance class so you can practice on the songs you are reviewing in Prep!

Break Down (Inter) Break Down of 4-5 routines

A Beginner – Intermediate level class where you get to learn routines but still get a workout. This class is much faster than our Prep Class. Beginner’s are welcome and encouraged to try this class if they want to review routines at a faster pace. Class format is to go through a routine, break it down and then repeat. Review of 4-5 routines in the hour.  Same songs are reviewed all week so that you get to practice them more than once. Pay per class option available. Meets Mondays 6:45 – 7:45 PM , Thursdays 6:45 – 7:45 PM. New! All Break Down unlimited members can attend Saturday 10 AM class in San Marco for FREE!

Dance Trance (Adv)

Dance Trance is a loud, high-energy dance experience that leaves you soaking wet! DT is a fast paced more technical dance workout without choreography instruction and/or break down. This is your  JAM class! All levels are welcome as long as you keep moving. This is a very fast paced high cardio class with no instruction.

Dance Trance Kidz Street Dance (Ages 5 – 11 )

This is a fun dance fitness class with an emphasis on moving and learning dance combinations. A great start for those that do not want traditional training or recitals. This class runs in semester quarters or you can just drop in to any one class ($20). Huge discount Summer discount is available now! Purchase at 5 year olds now allowed into our Monday classes!

DT Strength & Stretch (All Levels)

Exercises in this workout are a dynamic fusion of dance, Pilates and yoga inspired movements. Emphasis on stretch and flexibility and ultimately achieve results that create a long, lean and toned sexy physique. Meets Thursday 5:45 -6:45 PM Instructor – Effie Quintana