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About Us

Dance Trance is a global dance fitness program and is now available in Syracuse! Dance Trance students are the happiest & healthiest group of fitness enthusiasts in the world! We are united by music and a passion to express ourselves. We are all races, genders and sizes. We are fun, social and unique. Come in and join us! We have instructional classes to get ya started!

Bio – Anna M. Ehmen
Anna Ehmen began studying ballet at the age of five.  She continued to further her dance education after high school and studied dance and photography at Purdue University, graduating in 2007. While at Purdue, Anna was a member of the Purdue Repertory Dance Company and performed ballet and modern dance works.  In addition to a college dance education, she began training with other professional dance organizations.  Anna first started attending teacher training school through Chicago National Association of Dance Masters (CNADM); passing the membership exams in ballet, tap and jazz in 2006 and going on to receive her CDE (certified dance educator) in 2012.  Anna has also studied through Dance Masters of America (DMA), receiving her membership certification in 2009 after passing exams in ballet and modern dance.  She is a member of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS), which is a continuing education program dedicated to improving dancers’ health through studying kinesiology and the biomechanics behind dance movement.  In addition, Anna has spent the last few years adding ballroom into her dance repertoire, training through the ProDVIDA program and receiving coaching at the Ballroom Dance Center from internationally toured ballroom dancers and U.S. Professional Finalists.  In 2013, Anna received her ProDVIDA Professional Certification for the American Style Core Ballroom Dances.  In 2014, Anna completed teacher training school at Yahweh Yoga, a Christian Yoga school accredited through Yoga Alliance, receiving her Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certification.

Anna has 12 years of teaching experience and has taught in Indiana, South Carolina, and Florida; teaching for dance studios, community theaters, and professional ballet schools.  She is an experienced dancer and choreographer in ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, tap, ballroom and musical theatre with over 20 years of training.  In addition to teaching classical dance technique, Anna began working in the dance fitness industry in 2011 in Jacksonville, FL for the home base of Dance Trance Fitness.  Anna is now the director for the Dance Trance Syracuse location,  as well as a guest teacher and choreographer for dance studios in both the Midwest and Southeast regions.

Bio~Bethann Ousley

Bethann started taking dance classes at the age of 5 up until she was 19. She took tap, jazz, ballet and gymnastics classes and was drawn to modern/lyrical styles of dance. She had aspirations to study dance and theater after high school. She Choreographed dance routines for pageant contestants and was a student dance instructor. She competed and participated in many dance intensives in and around Indiana.
She was also involved in cheerleading from 7th-12th grade.

After graduating she attended the Fort Wayne Ballet to further her training and prepare herself to attend Butler University’s dance program. Within that year she suffered a severe stoke, she healed quickly but was not the same and had lost any hope to study dance.

She Started a family and began working with adults with disabilities and advocating for them and her daughter with autism.

In July of 2013 she happened to stop by a dance studio to see if they had any classes for adults, something she thought of doing for years and finally got up enough nerve to do it. She was given information about a fitness program called Dance Trance and that’s all it took! She says she felt the program working right away, her confidence was coming back, her coordination and strength was coming back, her flexibility and tone was returning, and it was fun just like she remembered. She gives thanks to Anna Ehmen for bringing Dance Trance to Indiana and believes that Dance Trance Fitness is defiantly one of a kind.

She was amazed at how much dance was still in her, even though it had been 24 years from it she discovered she is capable and is dancing once again! She felt no intimidation in any of the classes, there was no judgment it was just fun and a ton of energy! She couldn’t wait to get to class! She felt totally free to express herself through dance once again. She felt capable, energized and fulfilled, it was perfect! She had found her once lost passion! She was offered an instructor position at the end of 2013 and has never looked back! She can once again enjoy what she dreamed of her whole life… to dance!