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Steps n Motion
8183  Ardrey Kell Rd
Charlotte, NC 28277

PHONE: 704-845-1180
WEB: http://www.stepsnmotion.com/
EMAIL US: Allison@dancetrancefitness.com

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Welcome to Dance Trance Waxhaw, a dance fitness class like you’ve never seen. Allison Papageorge started Dance Trance Waxhaw after being a student of the founders, Jay and Beth Handline, for 9 years. When a move from Jacksonville brought her to Charlotte, she knew she had to bring the one thing she could never live without and share it with the Queen City. This program is unique in that it is always changing, bringing new routines all the time to the latest music. We promise “bored” is never a word you will use in this class. No dance background is required! All ages and all dance abilities can gain something from this class. Whether you want to learn some new dance moves, challenge your body and mind in a new way, or just get out with some friends to rock out to the latest songs, Dance Trance is for you. We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor with us!

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Allison Papageorge (Director) –  Allison started Dance Trance (DT) back in 2004, taking classes from founders Jay and Beth Handline. She had some weight left over from her first child that she wanted to lose and was bored by all the regular gym classes. Having always loved to dance, she thought DT sounded fun, and once she took her first class, she never looked back! Not only did she lose baby weight from her first child, and from her second daughter born in 2005, but she regained movement in her arm that she had lost during a motorcycle accident. 9 years later, DT is still as fun and exciting for her as ever. “DT is the only place I know where you can burn that many calories while having that much fun. It’s not just a workout, it’s a time to let loose, dance with your friends, and leave all your worries on the floor.” So come and join us on the floor, and see what the other side of fitness is all about.
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$15 / Class
$100 /10 class card

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