More Dance Trance Information

What is Dance Fitness? Dance fitness is a dance oriented fitness class. It is usually choreographed to specific eight count combinations. The music genres can vary depending on the class and/or instructor. The purpose of the class is to get a great workout and loose yourself in the rhythm. It is not just exercise, it fills your soul. It is both a mental and physical workout that borders on sheer exhilaration. Usually quite over the edge and choreographed to the latest music, dance fitness programs are quickly becoming the main focus of most fitness facilities.

What is Dance Trance (DT)? Dance Trance is a Licensed dance fitness program that has now expanded into a movement that is taking the fitness industry by storm. It is one of the most successful dance fitness programs in the nation and has expanded to include studios throughout North America and beyond. This program contains actual dance choreography and choreography instruction. It is not a technical dance class, but students are loving the challenges that it delivers because it keeps them interested and attending for years, not months.

What make DT unique? DT expands beyond typical dance fitness classes by choreographing not only eight count combinations, but choreographing each phrase within each individual song. This is not the typical add-on choreography that can be adapted to any song, cover or mix. This is unique choreography that is specific to the original song recorded by the original recording artist. As if that were not enough, there are hundreds of unique routines in the famous DT catalog with originally recorded songs by artists ranging from hip hop, Latin, pop, rock, alternative, and jazz/funk fusion.

What makes DT so popular? First, of course, is the increasing interest in living healthier lifestyles. You can’t open a newspaper or magazine or surf the web without seeing a new medical study indicating that being active in an ongoing fitness regimen will lead to a longer, healthier life. The reality based TV shows have also made dance a very sought after form of fitness. Second is the event base and social aspect DT has created for their students. They offer so many things that develop friendships and  that keeps students enthusiastic about their fitness program. And last but not least is the choreography team that delivers very diverse routines every quarter that are shared with the group. This is a huge advantage over other programs out there.

Why do so many students choose Dance Trance? Many people choose Dance Trance (DT) because they aspire to learn how to dance, to get fit, and be part of the unique DT lifestyle. Students appreciate the diverse choreography, high standard of operating excellence, and the freshness, quality, and innovation of the program.

What are the factors of your success? It is the combination of the Dance Trance name, the explosive popularity of the DT routines, our talented choreography team, the high-energy experience and our lifestyle brand positioning.

What do you deliver to your members? We strive to exceed member expectations. It sounds simple, but it takes creativity and hard work to rise above average. We deliver fresh, “off the lip” choreography, a hard-core cardio workout & great social calendar. Our core values are innovation, expertise, quality, attention to detail and results. Dance Trance is a lifestyle brand and one of the few recognizable dance fitness brands within the fitness community.

When you talk about DT being a lifestyle brand, what do you mean? We use an integrated approach to fitness. It includes cardio and strength training, nutrition, group fitness, social clubs, events and our own retail operation that includes unique and hard to find items. We also have a group excursion called “Groove Tour” that brings together the best dance fitness instructors each year for a tour of a tropical paradise and an array of dance fitness classes. We gain inspiration from other companies that change lifestyle such as Starbucks, Nike, Porsche, Prada, Gucci, and Microsoft. These brands connect with the consumer and are important symbols of an individual’s lifestyle.

What makes Dance Trance successful? Our staff, students, and our dedication to creating a unique dance fitness experience that transcends the same old boring and repetitious classes with a red-hot explosive energy that captivates the market. We are extremely proud of our talented professionals that work for Dance Trance across the nation. From the desk staff to our great instructors, DT is an talented team of fitness professionals that carry the passion for dance deep within them.

What is your long-term plan? Our long-term plan is to build a global lifestyle brand and spread the love of dance across the globe. Members who get results from DT remain in the program and improve the retention rate. We also look to provide a sense of community so our members feel like they belong to something special. They spend more time in the program and become brand evangelists. In fact, most of our members come from referrals from existing members. We will also extend the brand and look to introduce new programs (like Break Down, P.A.C.E. and DT KIDS programs), products and services that our members desire. We are in the process of creating a corporate DT program for corporate fitness and wellness centers that focuses on short work “before work” and “lunch time” power slams. In addition, we employ an integrated marketing and public relations strategy to keep Dance Trance top of mind in our target markets.

Why do I need a Dance Trance Class?  Dance Trance is an exceptional addition to your fitness facility because it offers the opportunity to add in a “blink of an eye” and already established, highly successful program in a “turn-key” format. We will give you the tools to add new members, increase group fitness participation, and grow continually with our shared choreography program.

How is Dance Trance different from the rest? Dance Trance is a dance fitness program unlike anything offered I fitness today. It is unique in concept, design, and delivery. Association with the Dance Trance name is powerful on its own. Dance Trance is a nationally recognized fitness program and is associated with classes and events that are second to none. The branding of the company via the World Wide Web and word of mouth has made DT a sought after program for thousands of students. Dance Trance also offers you the opportunity to operate beginners, intermediate and advanced classes that can help you target all levels of dance fitness enthusiasts.