Newest Fitness Buzz in Virginia Beach: Dance Trance Fitness

When it comes to fitness, working out and finding something that you’ll enjoy doing on a daily basis, the program must have the following criteria: 1. It must be challenging, 2. It must burn calories and 3. It must be FUN!

I was referred to Dance Trance Fitness by a friend and co-worker Penny Drouse, owner of Dance Trance Virginia Beach. Penny is an active duty US Navy Sailor who opened Dance Trance Virginia Beach 2 years ago after taking class for years at the program’s headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. After moving, she missed the class so much , she just had to start up her own Dance Trance program.
Dance Trance Fitness is a global dance fitness program that challenges you with a combination of dance choreography, cardio fitness and strengthening. In a one hour Dance Trance class you can burn over 1000 calories. Students have so much fun dancing and concentrating on the dance routines that they forget they are working out.
She told me to come and try Dance Trance, my first class would be free and that it would change my life. I told her I couldn’t dance, she said, “It’s a dance fitness class, but no dance experience is required. All that’s required is to come, keep moving and just have fun!” I had so much fun dancing and talking to the other students in the class that I couldn’t wait to go back! The instructors and students were all so nice, encouraging and reassuring.
The class was a high-intensity workout and the choreography I could pick up without a lot of instruction. I fell in love with every single song. Each song has different choreography that kept me dancing and singing even in my car.
Since finding Dance Trance in Virginia Beach, my life has never been the same. I look forward to going to class and dancing with the new friends and extended family I’ve met. Even on the worst days, 15 minutes into class I’ve forgotten just how rough my day was. If you’re looking for a fun change in your fitness routine or just looking to add something new, go to and get started today!
Dance Trance Virgina Beach Director is Penny Drouse at 757-961-7664.