P.A.C.E. Beginner Program

The P.A.C.E. Beginner’s dance fitness program begins Monday, June 14th in San Marco. This is our three month instructional program for students that want to learn at a much slower pace than our Break Down classes. If you want to come in and join us, use the links below to register or call us at 904- 390-0939.

P.A.C.E. was set up for students that really want learn to dance & particiapte in a dance fitness workout, but don’t feel comfortable trying to follow in our regular classes. If you want to start out slow and learn the basics, our P.A.C.E. (Practice, Attitude, Confidence, Enthusiasm) Program is a great way to get yourself back in to shape! This program will get you started in Dance Trance and is a fun way to make new friends & develop a healthy fitness lifestyle. Come dressed in your workout gear, ready to dance on your first day. Gym shoes are required for the class. We would LOVE to have you class with us, this is going to be an exciting quarter and we are going to work hard to get in shape for the Summer!

Summer Quarter Starts June 14th – September 2nd. Meets Mon, Wed and Thur 8 – 9 PM. Rate is $289 for the three month progam. Workbook is included. Payment plan available. Call 390-9039 for details.

Instructor: Stacie Green