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About Us
Stephanie Kohn walked into the Dance Trance Jacksonville studio in 2007 and has been obsessed ever since. She became an instructor trained by the Dance Trance founders, Jay and Beth Handline in 2009. She moved to Winston-Salem in 2010 she brought DT with her creating the first Dance Trance in North Carolina.  Relocating back to Jacksonville in 2012, she left DT Winston-Salem to a new director and continued her passion for teaching DT at both the Jacksonville locations.  Stephanie has now moved back to her home town of Pensacola, FL and has brought Dance Trance with her.  She is currently looking for a new location to offer classes so follow on social media for updates.


Class Descriptions
Class Descriptions:

: This class is great for beginners to see what DT is all about but also expect to see regulars wanting to learn the newest routine! The instructor will “break down” the new song at least twice from beginning to end, walking through the steps with and without music. This allows each student to learn the individual steps and sequences of the new song, setting everyone up for an experience that is successful and full of fun! 
Dance Trance is a cardio dance fitness class that teaches choreographed dance routines to popular music so you feel like you are at a dance party with all your friends instead of working out! The choreography is created in a manner that allows students to pick up combinations as they learn and you’ll never be bored with a variety of dance styles such as jazz, contemporary, hip hop, modern, ballet and more.  No dance experience necessary–just an attitude of fun and a desire to learn something new and different.  Gym shoes with a smooth sole are recommended for adequate support for the cardio and ease of movement.  The key to Dance Trance is repetition, so the more you come in to any class, the better your execution and your workout!