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Platinum Classes are postponed for the holidays until 2014. Please E-mail us if you would like to be included in our emails for new classes at

Introducing our new program for the boomer crowd
We are also very excited to announce we have a new Seniors program starting up in August. Instructor Janice Reid will move and groove through some of your favorites. This class is specifically for seniors but can be great for anybody that doesn’t want to spin, drop or pop like we do in our Dance Trance class. This class is low impact and less technical but still fun choreography for all to enjoy!!
Dance Trance San Marco
1515 San Marco Blvd., Jacksonville, Fl. 32207
Director: Janice Reid
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Coming in 2014!
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$15 Drop In ($13.50 online)
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What is it?
This class is designed for those desiring the same aspects of the Dance Trance philosophy but with modifications that will enhance the confidence of those concerned about high impact and other various moves. This class is great for those 55 and older or those that need low impact movement.
Tid Bits:
  • We follow the Dance Trance class format and choreograph songs to the music phrases
  • We use a wide variety of great music
  • Lots of cues and hand signals
  • Minimal voice commands, it’s all about the music
  • We use all music genres.  (Rock, Pop, Broadway, Disco, Alternative, Hip-Hop, Latin and Jazz)
  • Our class format is to warm up slowly, increase cardio and then cool down.


Don’t freak out! You can modify moves so that you will have a great time in our class! Here are a few modifications that we use to make this class less technical, we will NOT be doing the following:

  • Spins
  • Pirouettes
  • Full or 1/2 pivots
  • Full Leaps
  • High Jumps
  • Deep knee flexion (full squats)
  • Full forward bending (the head below the knees)
  • Traditional full lunges
  • Complicated arm movements (absolutely no ballistic repetitive arm movement)
  • Getting down on the floor
  • Running (we have a walk don’t run mentality or low impact)


Director & Instructor: Janice Reid
Janice started dancing almost before she could walk. At the age of 18 she started teaching classes, and became a professional teacher at age 21.Janice continued her search for a great adult dance class in Jax until she found what she was looking for at Dance Trance San Marco. She has been a member of Dance Trance San Marco for the last 5 years. She started teaching Circuit strength training classes at the studio this year (Thursdays 5:30 PM) and loves the studio atmosphere and the clientele.
Janice has a renewed passion for dance due to some recent injuries that kept her off the dance floor for a while. She has been inspired to teach others that may not think they can dance any longer and is the force behind all that is Dance Trance Platinum!