Presentation and Clean Movement

Teaching Style

Everybody had a different teaching style and it’s important to recognize that instructors will not look alike, even if they are doing the same moves. It is important however to create as much consistency as you can so that your students can grow and learn without becoming frustrated.

Sharp and Clean

Free style and “letting it go” is great for students, but as an instructor if a student can’t tell what you are doing, you’ve already lost them.

Look at yourself in the mirror to make sure your movements are well placed and accurate. Sloppy gyrations or floating hands are hard to follow.

It’s better to teach in a clean, sharp approach than to be down and funky with it, depending on your group of course.  Save intense movement and style variation for performances or advanced class format where students already know the combinations.

Adding Instruction and Cues
If you only offer one type program class (just Dance Trance for example), you will need to include some instruction and hand signals in your class. If you have several levels that teach students combinations, the advanced class can be more wide open i.e. advanced. It’s always best to think about a class or a portion of a class for beginners. This way you can refer students that are frustrated into a class that teaches at a slower pace. This is a great way to keep all levels in your program.


Always work on your teaching technique and PRACTICE how you are going to introduce material. Those that just ‘wing it’ are never very good instructors & you risk the chance of instructing a less organized class. Practice til it’s PERFECT.


Remember the 5 P’s: