Dance Trance Fitness Review of 2012

Dance Trance is off for another fantastic year! We danced our way through 2012 and opened more than 10 new locations ( that are throwing down classes for the New Year!! We have a had so many events and accomplishments this year we are going to break it down for you in the sections below.
We hope you have another fantastic year dancing in your region! If you want to consider opening a Dance Trance program in your area, please do not hesitate to contact us. The more people that we can get to experience a Dance Trance class, the happier they will be!!
Groove Tour 2012

Dance Trance Does Vegas
We held a Groove Tour in Vegas this year that brought all our students, directors and instructors together to have a great time and take Dance Trance class! This is a vacation type package we set up so that all locations can come together at exotic locations and have a good time. As an additional bonus to a great vacation package, we hold a few classes so that we can dance together!!

DT Does Vegas 2012

Vegas Groove Tour Class
The DT Nation came together to experience
 a class in Vegas!!
To view photo album CLICK HERE.

Directors Video Site
This year we added a Dance Trance video secure site so that we can post our new routines for licensed directors. This lets all our regions have immediate access to the latest choreography that our DT Choreo Team is throwing out.

New Apparel 

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Best of the Best
We have the coolest line of dance wear out there! New apparel lines were introduced this year and added to our Directors discount site where they can purchased at heavy discounted rates in order to increase revenue at their location. Coming Soon: Dance Trance labeled active-wear.

Instructor Workshops

All New Choreography
Twice a year we hold instructor workshops for all instructors of Dance Trance. This workshop is an opportunity to get together, socialize and learn new choreography. Working together as a unit is an important part of our program. The most successful studios attend workshops on a regular basis.
If you are interested in starting a Dance Trance, you may attend one of these workshops to get a better understanding of what DT is about. Special exception is required, inquiries can be sent to
Next Session is April 5-7th. Click Here for more information.
We are so proud of our accomplishments this year and have many more to come! We will be introducing our new Dance Trance mobile app at the end of this month! If you or anybody you know is interested in starting up their own Dance Trance program, please have them contact Beth Handline at 904-571-7984. Information on a start up license is listed below:

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