Dance Trance’s Year in Review 2014

February 7th & 8th
Please note: All classes except for PACE at 8 AM Feb. 7th are canceled this weekend for this event. 

This is our favorite weekend of the entire year! The Year in Review (YIR) Weekend covers all songs we introduced throughout the entire year! It’s great to celebrate our fabulous choreography team, our studios, our instructors and to see all the fun we’ve had in 2014.

YIR is a two day event that is a great for students that have been out for a while or fun for those that remember doing these songs over the past year. Part 1 & 2 will cover different routines, there are over 50 in all! Class format is to just go through the routines, they will not be broken down. This class is taught by ALL the DT Jax instructor crew PLUS some special guests that will be flying in just for you….and we all know that’s a party in itself!
Part 1 – Sat. Feb. 7th
Neptune Beach 10:30 AM – Until
Part 2 – Sun. Feb. 8th
San Marco 5 PM – Until
AFTER PARTY @ SideCar bar and V Pizza on Hendricks Ave..

Rates: (click to purchase now)

Members of Dance Trance Jacksonville – Requires a current active package
$10 Current Jax Members Part I (Sat Beaches)
$10 Current Jax Members Part 2 (Sun San Marco)

Non-Member (Guests) Purchases:
$20 Non Members Part 1(Sat Beaches)
$20 Non Members Part 2 (Sun San Marco)


All Dance Trance and Break Down classes will be canceled this weekend. PACE beginner’s class will remain open on Saturday in San Marco. Each YIR class will run approximately 2 hours each. No free passes will be accepted. You may pay at door, but we encourage you to pre-register in order to get a spot on the dance floor. Space is limited.A weekend with all the DT Crew in one studio = PRICELESS!