Instructor Workshop Photos September 2012


Dance Trance Fitness

We can’t thank our choreography crews, directors, instructors and students enough for this past weekend. The Dance Trance program continues to expand and our family keeps getting not only bigger but better. Thanks to all that take the time out to participate and enjoy dancing with a spectacular group.

Our next workshop is scheduled for April 5-7, 2013. Save the date!
The Instructor workshop is open to all Dance Trance instructors and persons wanting to learn more about opening their own Dance Trance program.  To find out more about the workshop and updates, visit our workshop site by clicking here.  All information regarding the next session will be posted here, so make sure and add to your favorites.

Check Out Our Photos Albums Below. More photos can be found on our Facebook site at Please post them if you have more to share!

Workshop Day One San Marco

Jazz Party at Lillies Courtyard