Jacksonville New Student Info

New Student Info for Jacksonville, Florida Studios:

What do I wear? Students wear workout wear or gym clothing to this class. Some dance students really get into the look and feel of this class and wear what we would refer to as “DT WEAR” from the Dance Trance Shop. Any type of workout wear is fine.

New to Dance Trance? Beginners should check out our Beginner’s or Break Down classes (Intermediate) first if you want to get detailed instruction on the routines. These classes give you instructions on the new choreography & get you comfortable to transition into Dance Trance Advanced classes. Beginner’s class will also include instruction on basic dance steps and combinations that will help you follow in the higher level classes.

Our Beginner’s class breaks down 2 songs in one hour. Beginner’s can ask questions and get personal instruction on the choreography. Intermediate Break Down classes go over 4-5 routines in one hour . Break Down is taught at a quick pace but still reviews our new choreography plus a few of our other routines. Both classes will still give you a good workout due to repetition of the moves. Because instructional classes include instruction they are not as cardio based as our Dance Trance advanced class. Your goal should be to eventually drop into an advanced class for a high cardio workout.

New students are welcome in the regular Dance Trance Advanced and Break Down Intermediate classes, but we recommend your first visit be in beginner’s class if possible. The key to Dance Trance is repetition, so the more you come in to any class, the better your execution and your workout!

Can I drop in as a guest? We offer a first time beginner’s class for free. We have drop in rates for all other classes. Each class except for Prep class is $15 drop in unless you have a local merchant coupon or discount ad. We do not have any contracts or registration fees. You can pay per class for as long as you’d like.

What type shoes to I wear? Gym shoes are required for Dance Trance. The smoother the sole, the better.  Jazz shoes and split sole dance shoes are not recommended because they do not offer enough support for the fitness part of our class. Bare feet are not allowed for Dance Trance for safety reasons.

*We recommend that you wear your street shoes in to our studio and then change into your dance shoes just before hitting the floor. This will help keep your shoes fit for dance and will help keep your dance space free of sand and debris.

Do you have a changing room? Yes, we offer changing areas at both our facilities. The Neptune Beach studio has a much smaller changing area than San Marco. San Marco also has two showers for your convienience.  If you can’t change prior to class, arrive early to make sure you can get into the changing room in time for your class.

Do you have lockers? We do not have locked compartments but do offer cubbies where you may place your items while on the dance floor. Please leave any valuables at home.

What ages are allowed in Dance Trance? All our adult classes are 18 and up. We do have kids classes for ages 8 and up (see DT Kidz site).

Is there a place my child can sit while I take class? We do not offer childcare in our studios. Unfortunately we don’t have room for all our students kids in our facility. We don’t allow children to be in the studio during our adult classes.

To review our polices for Dance Trance Jacksonville, please click here.

To print out our registration form, click here. Just print, fill out and bring in to the studio with you on your first visit.