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avatarI love Dance Trance because it helps me to release what's on the inside.

Before finding out about Dance Trance I was praying and looking for somewhere to go dance. As an adult it is very expensive and hard to find a dance class. I was going to Zumba and found out that there was a Dance Trance class. I decided to try it out and see if it's what I had been looking for. Sure enough, it was exactly what I had been looking for.

Nicole Sanders
Dance Trance Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
avatarDT is Wonderful, instructors are friendly and non- judgmental, you can be the worst dancer on earth but no one cares as long as you are giving it your best try...and goal is to get a good work out. This program is great fun for people of all ages, everyone bonds over working hard in dance, fun social events....

Joan Abid
Dance Trance San Marco, Florida

For anyone who wants to challenge their minds and their bodies, this is the class/gym you join. Not only are you sweating it out to some current and past pop hits, rock, and hip-hop, but you're constantly having to learn new routines, dance moves, and coordinated techniques.
I love how you never really know what you're gonna get, and once you step up to the advanced class, 500+ calories hours burned per class (according to my Apple Watch).
Need cardio without the running, this is the class for you. I miss it when I'm out of town; how many of you can say you actually miss your gym when out of town?

Carl A
San Marco, Florida