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I started dancing when I was 4 years old and quit my senior year of high school. I really missed dance and this was a great way to get my fix with dance and get exercise! I LOVE IT!! The instructors are great and the dances are great! The hour goes by way to fast. It is a great way to get exercise and I enjoy dancing. It is also a great way to meet new people.

Maureen Bassett
Sarasota, Florida

I joined Gold's Gym to lose the post-pregnancy weight I was still carrying around 6 months after my daughter's birth. Using cardio equipment and weights has always been a chore for me, so I immediately turned to the class schedule to see what alternatives there were. As a long time dancer, Dance Trance appealed to me -- I could do something I loved AND regain my pre-baby body! I went into my first class not knowing what to expect, maybe a series repetitive movements, a few turns and a grapevine thrown in here and there for good measure. What I got was a fun, high-energy, challenging dance fitness class with a wide variety of music and dance was exactly what I needed! I've never experienced anything quite like Dance Trance! I love the format - 15 songs in one hour. I love the choreography and the music. But beyond all of that, what keeps me coming back, is how much fun each class is! The energy is high, the music is pumping, everyone's having such a great time!

Richmond, VA
I needed a better outlet for energy, and a new way to exercise so I didn't get stuck in the same routine. It's fun, high energy, and I am working my whole body

Orlando, FL

DT for me started at a low point in my life. After years of graduate school and eating late at night during study sessions, I gained over 100 pounds and now weighed over 300 pounds. During a doctor’s visit, I also discovered my blood pressure and cholesterol level was borderline high. The doctor suggested I be put on medication for the rest of my life. That experience scared me really bad. I asked her for a one-year waiting period. Then I set out to lose weigh and change my eating habits. After years of diet failures, I asked God to send me something he knew I would do and do consistently. I walked into the door of Steel City Gym and my life has not been the same since. My first song was PM dawn’s song “I’d die without you.” God has answered my prayers. And that stared my DT journey. As a result of my consistency and dedication to DT, I have lost 145 pounds. I also have experienced drops in my blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Dance Trance has changed not only my body and my health but also my spirit. Through DT, I have learned how to love harder, longer and more often. I truly couldn't imagine life without DT.

Zenoria Causey
Birmingham, AL

The teachers are AWESOME - very friendly, positive people and very talented dancers. They are also encouraging to new people, helping them to get caught up with the dances. I remember Marissa gave me a high five after about my third class and it made me feel like maybe I can do this. I like Dance Trance because Your mind is so focused on the dancing and getting the moves right that forget you are exercising. For me, in the past, exercising was a chore. Now exercise is FUN! Every day after work I think how I much I am looking forward to going to Dance Trance! And, an added benefit, my teenage son thinks I am cool cause I know a lot of the same music he does.

Jennifer Sinclair Curtis
Gainesville, FL