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avatarI have only been to 2 classes of Dance Trance, but I have already become a raving fan! This is the perfect place to rock out, let loose, AND get a great workout!! Being a dancer my whole life, I enjoy the amped up music, positive environment, and simple yet always fresh choreography- it's great for all levels! I can't wait to continue going to Dance Trance & meeting many more!

Claire Martin
Tampa, Florida
avatarI started DT almost two years ago and I never get tired of it! You are constantly moving and burning so many calories and you dont even realize it!! It feels like you're in a music video!! I attend the Sarasota Tuesday and Thursday morning classes and I absolutely love it!!!!

Christina Deacy
Sarasota, Florida
avatarLove DT. Nothing is as exciting as Dance Trance. You get lost in the music and feel you can accomplish anything! You're energized and feel alive. When home have attended Sarasota DT for the last 7 years. Right now in Greensboro,NC dancing at the Winston-Salem YMCA b/c job has me traveling to different states.
Love the energy at every DT.

JoAnn Stringfellow
Greensboro, North Carolina
avatarThere is nothing like DT....You lose yourself in the music and feel like you're on stage, you get an amazing workout that is so much fun you don't ever want to stop.

Maria Fraticelli
San Marco, Florida
avatarAwesome instuctors, spunky women (plus an occasional guy or two), and a whole lot of fun! It a great workout for your body and your spirit! Thanks DT Sarasota. You have given these old legs new life!

Leslie Leonard
Sarasota, Florida