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I started working out when i was fifteen, I was so used to the regular aerobic classes and the step. I found out about D.T. in my local gym and with no dance background ,at the age of 36 ,decided to give it a try.

Dance Trance was the perfect fit for me because it gave me something to call my own, and it carried me through so many hard times, the latest of which is empty nest syndrome! D.T. has truely been a blessing!

Jill O'Toole
Jacksonville, Florida (San Marco)
avatarI started Dance Trance five months ago when it became available at the YMCA branch I work out at regularly.

And well.....I fell in love with it! I love it becuase it's a great aerobic workout as well as a good mind workout (gotta learn all those steps). The music pumps you up and an hour goes by in what seems like 5 minutes.

Kristy Groom
Sarasota, Florida

I started Dance Trance because it is a different type of workout! My experience at Dance Trance has been wornderful. I like the great instructors, friends and music in the DT classroom!

Linda Campbell
Sarasota, Florida
avatarI've been attending Dance Trance Jacksonville for 2 1/2 weeks. I started DT to get in shape and have some fun with friends. It's great, love it!

Today my husband asked if I had on Spanks...I didn't...Thanks Dance Trance!!!

Kim Miller
Jacksonville, Florida
avatarI've been in Dance Trance for about 10 years. I find the class very interesting and I love the cool outfits all the students wear. I can now rightfully say "Yes! I can shake my booty!"

Kevin Roberts
Melbourne, Florida