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avatarA lot of fun, I like everyone I've met in class, and the instructors are great! It has given me a way to enjoy exercise and increase my self confidence and esteem with losing some weight and gaining flexibility. And of course learning the latest dance moves and feeling sexy is great too!

Stephanie Shumate
Richmond, VA
avatarI was bored with my aerobics classes and wanted to try something new. I was hooked from day one and continue to enjoy each and every class. I look forward to DT every day and love my instructors. There is no screaming into a microphone, I can listen to music and get into dancing. The routines are challenging enough so I don't get bored and also simple enough to catch on. I like the variety of choreography styles, songs, and moves.

Vicki Cooley
Sarasota, FL
avatarThe music and energy in the room had me hooked. It is the best way for a dance lover to stay in shape. I love the music and moves plus there are some pretty great individuals in the dance trance world! It's like family!

Richmond, VA
It's exhilarating! I have so much fun; I forget I am working out.
I've attended other group workouts and couldn't wait for the class to end. This is pretty much the only workout where I'm disappointed when the class has to end.

Carrie Marie
Richmond, VA
I don't like working out at them gym, but I needed to get back into shape. I have been a dancer my whole life and this came naturally and is fun! The people are super friendly and there is a very casual laid back atmosphere. It's all about fun!

Orlando, FL